The Meanings of 70 strong and imposing baby names

The Meanings of 70 strong and imposing baby names: A strong name not only carries a striking sound, but also a meaning that has a special meaning for the family. Thinking about it, we selected 70 strong, imposing, and beautiful names that can be incredible options for your baby.

Here are 70 strong and imposing baby names that have special meanings for the family, as well as a striking sound. For your baby, we have selected 70 strong, imposing, and beautiful names.

The Meanings of 70 strong and imposing baby names
The Meanings of 70 strong and imposing baby names

Female names with strong meanings

In addition to sounding good, they still have a beautiful and imposing sense. These were the criteria we used to select the names below.

  1. Isis

This simple female name carries a strong symbology.

Apparently, it has its origins in the word site, which can mean “I was born of myself, I don’t come from anyone”, “mistress of the throne”, and “goddess of fertility and motherly love”.

The Egyptian goddess Isis is associated with maternity and fertility, a role model for women and mothers. To this day she is considered to be one of the most important figures in Egyptian culture.

See Isis.

  1. Eloá

It means nothing more and nothing less than “God”.

Yes! This name arises from the Hebrew as the plural of Elohim, which means “God”.

Certainly, for many Brazilians, this is a name that enchants for its strong meaning, which relates a child to the sublime, to the divine being to whom they attribute the creation of humans.

Learn more: Eloá.

  1. Nicole

Nicole is a name that is directly related to conquest and, for that very reason, it has a lot of strength.

A variant of the Greek masculine name Nicolaus, it means “the one who wins with the people” or “the one who leads the people to victory”. The word comes from the term nikólaos, which occurs from the combination of the elements níke (“victory”), and Laos (“people”).

The sound of the name Nicole is also very remarkable and for that reason, this name deserves its place in the list.

More details here: Nicole.

  1. Frida

This unusual name in Brazil has a Germanic origin and means “the peaceful one”, “the one who brings peace” or “princess of peace”.

Because of the story of authenticity, courage, and freedom of the famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, probably the most famous Frida the world knows, this name is usually associated with strong and steadfast personalities.

Check it out: Frida.

  1. Alana

Among other meanings, Alana means “milestone of achievement”. Theories about this name suggest that it has its origins in the Gaelic Ailène, Ailin, which means “stone” or “rock”, elements normally used as a mark of achievement.

Baby Alana can be a landmark of strength, love, and courage in the lives of parents and family.

More information here: Alana.

  1. Ariele

That name symbolizes a lot of power! It means “lion of God”. It is a variation of the name Ariel, which comes from the Hebrew and unites the elements, Ari, meaning “lion”, and El, meaning “Lord” or “God”.

The name combines the strength of the lion, the king of the jungle, with all divine power. That’s a lot of power in one name!

Other details about the name: Ariele.

  1. Regina

The Regina name is pure power! It means “queen”, “absolute lady” or “the greatest”, meanings from the Latin Regina.

Need I say more? Reginas are simply the masters of everything!

See Regina.

  1. Laura

Laura is a name that is both elegant and subtle. Its meaning, “victorious”, or “triumphant”, gives much power and authority.

The name comes from the Latin Laurus, which means “laurel, laurel”, leaves used to award or honor someone in antiquity.

Interested in the name? Find out more information: Laura.

  1. Pillar

Pilar is a very literal name. It comes from the Latin pila, which means “pillar”, a supporting column.

Uncommon name that conveys a very strong message of support, strength, and stability.

Want to know more? See here: Pillar.

  1. Valentine

Valentina’s name says it all! Bravery, courage, and audacity, all of this behind this name, which means “brave”, “strong”, “vigorous”, and “full of health”. Just wonderful stuff, right?

Valentina comes from the Latin Valentinus, which means exactly the qualities outlined above.

See more information about this name: Valentina here.

  1. Luisa

Shorty, this name is full of power.

Luísa means “glorious warrior”, “famous combatant” or “celebrated in battle”. The name comes from the Germanic Hlodoviko, meaning “famous” (hut), and “battle” (wig). The name could also be used in its French version, Louise.

Other information: Luisa.

  1. Gabriela

Gabriela is a popular name and very powerful. It is a masculine version of the name Gabriel, which means “strong man of God”, with its origins in the elements gébher, which means “man, strong man”, and El, which means “God”.

Gabriela, therefore, refers to the “strong woman of God”.

See: Gabriela.

  1. Marcela

This might be the perfect name for a little girl who is full of strength and courage.

Marcela means “small warrior”, or “young warrior”. The name is linked to Mars, the Roman god of war.

Learn more here: Marcela.

  1. Celina

One of the meanings of Celina is exactly the same as that of Marcela: “little warrior”. The name Celina would be a variation of Marcelina, which comes from Marcela and, therefore, means the exact same thing.

Same meaning, two different name options, and sounds. Now it’s just a matter of choosing!

For more details: Celina.

  1. Lorraine

This beautiful name originates from the Germanic word Hlodohari, which means “the kingdom of the famous warrior”. Hlodohari is a combination of the terms hold, meaning “fame” and “glory”, and hares or here, meaning “army”.

Is it or is it not a super powerful name?

Interested? See more: Lorraine.

  1. Astrid

This is a name that carries in its meaning not bodily strength but divine strength.

Astrid comes from the Germanic Ansitruda, composed of the elements ansi, meaning “god”, and druid, meaning “strength”. That is, “force of God”, “divine force”.

Historically, the name has been quite common in Scandinavian countries.

For more details: Astrid.

  1. Brigitte

Uncommon in Brazil, this name has a simple and very meaningful meaning. Brigitte means exactly “strong”.

The name arose from the Irish Brighid, a word that derives from the Gaelic brig and means “strength”.

If simplicity and originality are your styles, then this is an option that could be quite interesting.

See: Brigitte.

  1. Audrey

Audrey is a common American name that almost immediately refers to the actress Audrey Hepburn, from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

The name means “noble force” or “the one who is noble and strong” and comes from medieval English. Audrey is the diminutive of Etheldreda, which combines the terms aether, which means “noble” and truth, which means “strength”.

The beauty and elegance of the actress, together with the meaning of this name, which is still uncommon in Brazil, make Audrey an excellent choice!

More about the name here: Audrey.

  1. Edward

In Brazil, this name is very used in its compound form, as in Maria Eduarda, for example. But it’s also pretty cool as a simple name.

As well as its sound, its meaning is also quite beautiful and means: “guardian or protector of riches or goods”. Want someone stronger than a keeper of riches?

The name is the male version of Eduardo, which originates from the name Hadaward, a word that combines the terms read (“rich, prosperous”), and weird, ward (“guard, guardian”).

For more details: Eduarda.

  1. Matilda

Another name that can represent the potency of a girl is Matilda, which means “strong warrior” or “strength in battle”.

The name was born from the Germanic word Mahthildis, which is formed by the combination of the elements might, meaning “strength”, and child, which refers to “combat” or “battle”.

Whoever has that name will certainly be even more courageous to face, and win, the struggles and challenges of life.

Want to know more? See here: Matilda.

  1. Kelly

This sounds like a sweet and delicate name, but the truth is that its meaning is pure strength! Kelly means: “descendant of war”.

Studies about this name suggest that it was an adaptation of the Irish word Ceallach, which refers to “war” and “conflicts”. The meaning as we know it today would have emerged from there.

More info here: Kelly.

  1. Valda

Valda may be the ideal name to celebrate female strength. The name means “the one with strength”, and “the one who rules”. It comes from the Germanic term valid, which means “strength, power, the government”.

Another option is the name Valdete, diminutive of Valda, which has the same meaning.

Learn more: Valda.

  1. Pearl

Although it seems delicate, this is a name that represents strength, due to the resistance and durability of the pearl.

Perhaps you had never thought of this option, but it is definitely a name worth considering.

See: Pearl.

  1. Iara

Iara is known for being the mother of water, so this name carries a lot of strength and grandeur.

The name has an indigenous origin and comes from the Tupi-Guarani y-îara, which means “lady of the waters”, “mother of water”, “the beauty of the waters” or “dominator”.

For more information: Iara.

  1. Cleide

That name has roots there in Ancient Greece. Cleide is the diminutive of Herakleides, a patronymic name that means “daughter or descendant of Hercules”.

Can you say that the daughter of Hercules, the granddaughter of Zeus, will not be a woman full of strength and power?

Discover other details: Cleide.

  1. Edit

This is a name that carries two very beautiful meanings. Edite means “happy warrior”.

The name comes from the Old English Eadgyth, which unites the terms read, which means “wealth, happiness” and go, which means “war”.

Happiness and the ability to fight sounds like a great mix, doesn’t it?

Learn more: Edit.

  1. Uyara

Uyara is undoubtedly a very imposing name!

With the same root as Iara, this name is indigenous and comes from the Tupi Yara, which means “lady”, “owner”, and “dominator”.

Quite an original option!

See: Uyara.

  1. Sandra

The name Sandra refers to the idea of a true heroine!

Sandra comes from the Greek Alexandros. The word unites the terms plexus, which means “to repel, defend or protect”, and andrós, which means “man”.

Sandra, therefore, means “protector of mankind” or “defender of man”.

Check out other information: Sandra.

  1. Petra

Petra is the female version of Peter and literally means stone. The word comes from the Greek Petros.

The stone is usually related to the idea of strength and firmness, so these characteristics can also be associated with the name Petra.

Another beautiful version of this name is Pietra, which has the same meaning.

More here: Petra.

Male names with strong meanings–The Meanings of 70 strong and imposing baby names
Male names with strong meanings–The Meanings of 70 strong and imposing baby names

Male names with strong meanings

Some choices of names for boys are full of virtue.

  1. Brian

This is a Gaelic name whose meanings refer to “noble”, “virtuous” or “one who is strong”.

One of the most famous warriors in history and King of Ireland was Brian Boru, known for liberating the country from the Vikings from Denmark who occupied Ireland in the year 1014.

The name Breno, also beautiful and quite common in Brazil, has the same meaning.

Other details here: Brian.

  1. Nicholas

Nicolas is a Greek name that has to do with Nike! Yes, the famous sports brand was inspired by that name.

That’s because it comes from the combination of the elements níke, which means “victory”, and laos, which means “people”. Thus, the meaning of this strong name is “the one who wins with the people”, “the one who leads the people to victory”.

The English variant Nicholas is also widely accepted in Brazil.

See: Nicholas.

  1. Herbert

Here is a very powerful name! It means “glorious warrior”, or “illustrious warrior”.

The name has a Germanic origin and comes from the term Haribertho, which arises from the combination of her, which means “army”, and berth, which means “glorious, illustrious, brilliant”.

To learn more: Herbert.

  1. Luís

Luís is another very imposing name. Its meanings are “glorious combatant”, “illustrious warrior” or “celebrated in war”.

The origin of this name is linked to the Germanic word Hloddoviko, which unites the elements lot or hlut, which means “famous, illustrious, celebrated”, and wig, which means “warrior”.

Check out more information: Luís.

  1. Valdir

Like the name Valda, cited in the list of female names, Valdir also comes from the Germanic word weald, which means “strength, power, law, the government”.

The name Valdir, therefore, refers to someone strong and powerful.

Learn more: Valdir.

  1. Ronny or Ronney

Ronny, or Ronney, is a name whose meanings refer to two different types of strength: physical strength and also emotional strength. Its meanings are “one who rules with the advice”; “mountain of strength”.

According to scholars, this name would have two possible origins. The first refers to the Germanic name Reginald, which means “the one who rules through councils”.

The second would be related to the Hebrew name Aaaron, which means “mountain of strength”.

Learn more about the name Ronny.

  1. Italo

Ítalo comes from the term italós, which literally means “bull” or “bullock”.

As it refers to the bull, an animal known for its strength and speed, the name Ítalo is also associated with the idea of strength.

But there is much more to this name to discover. See more details here: Italo.

  1. Alex

This is a name that, without a doubt, should be attributed to someone very special and with a unique mission here on Earth.

Alex is the diminutive of Alexander which, in turn, comes from the Greek Aléxandros, a word that unites the terms aléxo (“defend” or “protect”), and andrós (“man”).

The name, therefore, means “protector of man”, and “protector of humanity”. Powerful, isn’t it?

Learn more: Alex.

  1. Lionel

Lionel is a name with multiple meanings that allude to strength and power. The name means “lion”, “strong” or “brave”.

Lionel comes from the Latin Leo, which means exactly “lion”. Due to this meaning, the name is also linked to the characteristics commonly associated with these animals, such as strength and bravery.

See more information about this name: Lionel.

  1. Azariah

Azarias is a name with a beautiful sound, quite different and original, and that refers to divine power.

The name has a Hebrew root, coming from the names Hhazariah and Azaryah, which mean “God is my strength”, and “fortress of God”.

A name that at the same time carries strength for its originality and at the same time recognizes the power and greatness of God. Beautiful!

More details here: Azarias.

  1. Gabriel

More common than Azarias, Gabriel is also a name that refers to the divine. Its meanings are “man of God”, “strong man of God”, “stronghold of God”, and “messenger of God”.

The name comes from the Hebrew, composed of the terms gébher (“man, strong man”), and El, which means “God”.

Check it out: Gabriel.

  1. Gutenberg

Gutenberg comes from a Germanic word that unites the elements guts, which means “God”, and berg, which refers to “mountain”. In other words, “mountain of God”.

In addition, it is not a very common name in Brazil, so it can be an interesting choice for those who like different options. Powerful and unique!

You can see more information here: Gutenberg.

  1. Valdinei

There is a truly strong and authoritative name!

Valdinei means “new strong man”, “new powerful”, or “new ruler”. The name originates from the Germanic term weald, which means “strength, power, law, the government”, and also from the Germanic word nei, which means “new”.

Youth, strength, power…all in one name!

Learn more: Valdinei.

  1. Roger

Roger is a name that already suggests grandeur due to its sound. In addition, the meanings also reinforce the power of this name.

Roger comes from the Germanic Rodger, which unites the terms hruot (“fame”), and gair or ger, (“spear”), resulting in the meanings “celebrated in the spear”, “celebrated warrior”, “spear of glory”.

See: Roger.

  1. Elvis

The name of one of the great icons of American music, Elvis means “glorious fighter”, “famous warrior” or even “famous in war”.

Elvis comes from the Germanic Germanic Helewidis, the female version of the name Aluísio, which has the same root as the name Luís and comes from the words Hloddoviko, Chlodovech, which unite the elements hlot, hlut, which mean “famous, illustrious, celebrated”, and wig, which means “warrior”.

Understand better about the name Elvis.

  1. Cauã

A very popular name in Brazil, also in its Kauã variant, it originates from the Tupi indigenous language and means “hawk”, “falcon”.

This animal symbolizes power, superiority and freedom, great senses, right?

Understand more about the meaning of the name Cauã.

  1. Enzo

Modern name that became darling among Brazilians, it carries a symbolism of victory and power.

It means “lord of the home”, “prince of the home”, “ruler of the house”, “giant”, “the one who wins”, “winner”, or even, “native of Laurento”.

Learn all about the Enzo name.

  1. Murilo

A name that refers to the fortress, it came from the Latin murus, which means “small wall”, “small wall” or “small wall”.

See: Murilo.

  1. Vincent or Vicenzo

A name that carries with it the sense of winning originates from the Latin name Vincentius, derived from Vincente, the past participle of the verb vincere, which means “the one who is winning”, “the one who wins”, “the one who conquers”, “conqueror, conqueror”.

A strong Italian name for a boy, isn’t it?

Learn more about the meaning of the names Vicente or Vicenzo.

  1. Martin or Mark

Despite different origins, these two male names carry the same meaning of “warrior”, and “dedicated to Mars”.

Martim comes from the Latin Martinus, a Roman name derived from the Roman god of war, Mars. Marcos, on the other hand, came up with the Latin Marcus, which derives from Mars “Mars”, also alluding to the Roman god.

Meet: Martim or Marcos.

  1. Darlan

A name of French origin, it carries the strong meaning of “son of the one who comes from the land of warriors”.

It comes from Arlanc – a city located in the north of France, meaning “from Arlanc”, “coming from Arlanc”, or also being a patronymic name, which means “son of Arlan”.

Check out everything about the name Darlan.

  1. Álvaro

How about a Nordic name that, in addition to referring to the strong word, also has to do with wisdom?

Álvaro means “noble warrior”, “army of the elves”, “protective warrior” or “protective genius”. It is formed by the elements alfr, which means “elf” or “genius”, and arr, which can mean “warrior”, “protector” or even “army”.

Learn more: Álvaro.

  1. Charles

Considered a warrior’s name, in addition to being very popular in Brazil, Carlos means “man”, “warrior” or “man of the people”.

Some compound names that are successful with him are Antônio Carlos, Carlos Eduardo, and José Carlos.

See Carlos.

  1. William or William

Both the Portuguese form Guilherme and the English form William are very successful in Brazil.

These two names came from the Germanic Willahelm and mean “resolute protector” or “courageous protector”.

Learn more about the meaning of the names Guilherme or William.

  1. Osvaldo

As a classic name, which was successful in the 1950s in Brazil, Osvaldo means “strength of aces”, or “the power of the gods”.

It originates from the Germanic Ansovald, formed by the union of the elements os which means “aces, gods” and Walt, which means “strength, power”.

See Osvaldo.

Strong names of warriors and warriors–The Meanings of 70 strong and imposing baby names
Strong names of warriors and warriors–The Meanings of 70 strong and imposing baby names

Strong names of warriors and warriors

History is made of people who fought for their ideals and goals. Many of the names that are popular today became so from some significant past. Shall we meet some of them?

Strong warrior names for girls

  1. Catherine

Perhaps because it sounds like an old name, Catarina has something respectable even in pronunciation.

The meaning is “pure, chaste”, deriving from the Greek word katharós. But the popularity increased because of a Catholic figure, holy, but not at all fragile.

Saint Catherine is a semi-legendary figure of the 4th century, from the Egyptian city of Alexandria. Converted to Christianity at the age of 18, she was very wise and intelligent and was persecuted by the Roman Emperor Maximino Daia, for converting several pagans to Christianity.

Because she was tortured and mutilated while fighting for her ideas, the Saint is known as the “great martyr”.

Learn more about this name: Catherine.

  1. Dandara

Despite not having a specified etymology, the name Dandara is linked to an important character in the struggle for liberation from Brazilian slavery.

Dandara was a warrior of the colonial period in Brazil, the wife of Zumbi dos Palmares and a great connoisseur of capoeira techniques. She would have fought in many of the attack battles on the Palmares Quilombo and ultimately preferred suicide rather than returning to the hands of slaveholders.

The name has the meaning of “black princess” or “warrior princess”.

See Dandara.

  1. Joanna

The name Joana comes from Latin, being the feminine of João, a name from the Hebrew Yehokhanan, resulting from the union of the elements Yah, “Yahweh, Jehovah, God”, and Hannah, “grace”.

In addition to being a character who served Jesus in the New Testament, Joan of Arc is a historical character of great prominence in history, considered the patroness of France.

D’Arc was a military leader during the “War of a Hundred Years” (1337 – 1453) who fought several battles for her country and was burned at the stake for her political and Christian convictions.

Other information here: Joana.

The Joane and Giovana variants carry the same meaning and are also relatively common in Brazil.

  1. Jussara

This name is a Tupi word used to designate the thorns of a palm tree that released a powder that caused people to itch. The meaning, then, refers to “palm tree”, “that has thorns”, “itching” or “that burns”.

The dust that came out of this palm tree caused people to itch a lot, and for this reason, just Sara or juçara was the name given to the tree.

In Tupi legend, Jussara was also a courageous warrior, a mythological figure daughter of Jurema, well known in indigenous culture.

Learn more: Jussara.

  1. Luana

The name Luana has a few possible meanings, with variations between “something that sparkles”, that has “grace” and that is “relaxed”.

In Romanian mythology, Luana was a character responsible for teaching people how to write. There are also reports that she was a princess.

The warrior stamp, however, comes from one of the theories of etymon: some scholars believe that Luana is a combination of Lou and Anna, so the meaning would be something like “glorious and graceful warrior”.

See Luna.

Strong warrior names for boys-Strong names of warriors and warriors–The Meanings of 70 strong and imposing baby names
Strong warrior names for boys-Strong names of warriors and warriors–The Meanings of 70 strong and imposing baby names

Strong warrior names for boys

  1. Achilles

There are two possible etymons for the name Aquiles, one pointing to the meaning of “spirit of life” and the other to “suffering of the people”.

The fact is that everyone has heard the expression “Achilles’ heel”.

That’s because Achilles was a Trojan hero who was among the main characters in Homer’s “The Iliad”. He was handsome, strong, and brave, and he only died because the only weak point in his body, the heel, was hit.

Although power, bravery, and beauty do not make up the etymological origin of the name, these are values associated with Achilles, on account of the Greek warrior.

Check out: Achilles.

  1. Cesar

Etymologically, the name Caesar may have its origins in the Latin word caesarian, which means “hairy” or in the expression “a case matris utero”, which can be translated as “the cutting of the mother’s womb”, from which the word cesaria comes.

After the famous Roman emperor Julius Caesar, however, the name came to be used as a title with the meaning of ruler, king, or dictator. And even today these meanings, including that of a warrior, remain associated with the name in the popular imagination.

More details on this name: César.

  1. Bernardo

This is indeed a name that has strength even in its etymon. The Germanic name unites the elements ber, which means “bear”, and hart, which means “strong”. The sense, then, is “strong as a bear.”

The popularity of the name, however, is due to the Catholic saint, who in the twelfth century founded an asylum in the Alpine region. Saint Bernard was the inspiration for the name of the breed of dog that usually assists in rescuing people lost in the mountains.

All so symbolic and beautiful, isn’t it?

Other information: Bernardo.

  1. Hector

The origin of the name is Greek, from the root skin, which means “I possess, I have in my power”.

Interestingly, it matches very well with the mythological character that popularized the name: the most famous ancient character called Hector was a brave Greek prince of the Trojan War, mentioned several times in the Iliad.

More here: Hector.

  1. Uriah

This is a biblical, religious name, which arises from the union of the elements ur, which means “light, gold” and Yah, which means “Lord, Jehovah”.

It means, then, “the Lord is my light.” The reference to Uriah in the Bible is as a warrior who fought for David’s army.

The name came to be adopted in England as a Christian name during the Protestant Reformation.

See Uriah.

Strong-sounding baby names–The Meanings of 70 strong and imposing baby names
Strong-sounding baby names–The Meanings of 70 strong and imposing baby names

Strong-sounding baby names

The collective unconscious is an amazing thing: we can’t exactly explain the reasons, but some names just sound imposing and powerful!

Strong-sounding male names-Strong-sounding baby names–The Meanings of 70 strong and imposing baby names
Strong-sounding male names-Strong-sounding baby names–The Meanings of 70 strong and imposing baby names

Strong-sounding male names

  1. Augustus

This is a name of Latin origin that has the sense of something excellent. Maybe that’s why it sounds so strong!

Derived from Augustus, the word means “sacred”, “consecrated”, and “extraordinary”.

In Ancient Rome, it was a name used as a title by emperors to express the idea that they would be sacred.

Check out more information about this name: Augusto.

  1. Arthur

You name it: do you think Arthur is a name as strong as a rock or as a big bear?

Both choices are linked to the meaning of the name! From Celtic, the name would come from the term art, “stone”; or perhaps the union of the elements art, which means “bear”, and ur, which means “big”.

King Arthur is the most famous person to have held this name. Although there is still no agreement regarding his existence, everything indicates that he was an important medieval warrior.

See more here: Arthur.

  1. Oscar

Despite not being a name much used nowadays, Oscar is undoubtedly a strong name for a boy that represents something very important too: “spear of God” or “lover of the deer”.

The first King of Scotland and Sweden bore this name, which is also used for the highest film awards every year.

Find out more details: Oscar.

Strong-sounding female names

  1. Gaia

Amazing how such a short and simple name can convey so much power! Gaia is an Italian name that has Greek origin, from the term ge, which means “Earth”.

In Greek mythology, Gaia is the mother goddess or Mother Earth. She is a being with great generative power whose story is beyond passionate! Worth knowing.

Learn more about this name: Gaia.

  1. Hera

A strong name for a girl that is quite different, and maybe because of that even prettier! Hera is a Greek name that probably comes from the word hero, which means “heroine”, “warrior”, or from the word hairdo, meaning “the chosen one”.

In Greek mythology, she is the queen of Olympus, the wife of the god of gods, Zeus. The name of Beyonce’s daughter with singer Jay-Z, Blue Ivy, can also be translated as Blue Ivy.

Strong or not?

Check out other information: Hera.

  1. Nubia

Another female name that is quite different and sounds strong and imposing!

It is an African name, from Egypt, whose etymon is the word nub, which means “gold”. The name then means, “golden” or “perfect as gold”.

Not bad for a piece of the gem in a parent’s life, eh?

For more details on this name: Nubia.

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