297 Strong Male Names in 2024

Guilherme, Bernardo, Samuel, Alvaro, Thor and more! Check out the best ideas for strong names for boys and get inspired.

There are 297 strong male names in 2024: Guilherme, Bernardo, Samuel, Alvaro, Thor, and many more! Discover the best ideas for strong boy names and get inspired.

297 Strong Male Names in 2024
297 Strong Male Names in 2024

Most popular strong boy names


A Latin name that means “valiant”, “strong”, “vigorous”, and “full of health”, in other words, great qualities for the new family member!


It means “gift of God”, “gift of God”, or “gift of God”.


A name of Nordic origin, meaning: “god of thunder”. Thor was the Norse god of thunder, might, and war.


It means “lion”.


It means “adornment”, “promised land” or “beautiful and graceful”.


Of Greek, Russian, and Nordic origins, Igor means “the one who works the earth”, “farmer” or “warrior of the god Yngvi”.

The name Igor was taken to Russia by the Vikings in the 10th century and was popularized by the opera “Prince Igor”, by Russian composer Aleksandr Borodin.


Of Hebrew origin, this beautiful name means “the Lord is my judge”, and “God is my judge”. Daniel was one of the Hebrew prophets whose story is told in the Bible.


A strong masculine name of Italian and Germanic origins, which means “ruler of the house” or “prince of the home”. Appropriate for the one who will be the youngest prince of the house, isn’t it?


It means “rich”, “opulent”, and “sumptuous”.


A short boy’s name that means “what comes from Lucania”, “Lucan”, “luminous” or “enlightened”. It has biblical and Greek origins.


Carlos is a beautiful Germanic name for a warrior, which means “man”, “warrior” or “man of the people”.


A short boy’s name means: “brave, courageous”, “superior, gentle”, and “strong man”. Lots of positive attributes to give the new boy in the family!


A great-sounding Germanic name meaning “strong as a bear”. Bernardo carries a beautiful symbology of strength!


A name of Slavic origin that means: “combatant, fighter, warrior”.


Of Tupi indigenous origin, this beautiful Brazilian name means “hawk”, or “hawk”.


A Celtic name, meaning “stone” or “big bear”.

Famous with that name: Arthur Schopenhauer and Arthur Conan Doyle.


This name means “masculine”, “virile”, or “masculine”. It has Greek and biblical origins.

It is a biblical name, being described in the New Testament as the first disciple of Jesus Christ.


A strong masculine noun meaning “one who guards”, or “one who holds back the enemy”. Greek origin.


A beautiful name of Latin origin, it means “emperor”, “king”, “the one with long hair”, “hairy” or “cut”, “cut”.

According to Roman legend, the name came from the Roman emperor Julius Caesar, born through a cesarean section.


A name that has an incredible sound and a much-desired meaning for a son: “he brings inspiration”, “he inspires”, “restless and exalted”, and “his restlessness generates inspiration”. Beautiful is not it?

Strong male short names


A short and beautiful name that carries the meanings: “beautiful and generous”; “of Irish origin”; “the one who protects” or “the protected”. Irish, Hebrew, and Breton origins.


A short masculine name that is a variation of William. It means “the courageous protector”, “firm protection” or “the one whose will it is to protect”.


Marlon has in its meaning a quality of strength and intelligence: “little falcon”. It is of French and Celtic origin.


It is a name of Greek origin, which means “protector of man” or “defender of humanity”. Having a child with that definition is a very strong quality!


A Germanic boy’s name means “glorious combatant”, “illustrious warrior”, or “celebrated in war”.


A more different name, meaning “strong”, “mighty”, or “ruler”. Germanic origin.


Quite popular in Brazil, it means: “lord of the home”, “prince of the home”, “giant”, “the one who wins”, “winner”, or even, “native of Laurento”.


Of Hebrew origin, it means: “the one who adds”, “the Lord’s addition” or “God multiplies”. It’s named after at least three biblical characters.


This baby boy’s name means “celebrated on the spear”, “celebrated warrior”, and “spear of glory”.


Of English and Hebrew origin, it means: ” Man ” or ” Common Man ”; “God is full of grace” and “graced by God” or “the grace and mercy of God.”


A boy’s name that has strength and stability as qualities in its meaning: “stone”, “rock”.


Means “heart”, “mind”, “spirit” or “intelligent”.


Kevin means “born beautiful” “beautiful from birth”; or “Beloved since he was born”. That are, attributes that every mother would like to have in a child!


Means “bull” or “bullock”.


It means “victorious” or “conqueror”.


A name with noble qualities in the meaning: “noble inclination”, “ready for nobility”, “noble fitness”, and “fit to be noble”. German origin.


It means “burning” or “that which is like fire”.

Male Warrior Names


Greek and mythological name that means “spirit of life”, “heat of creation”; “suffering of the people”, and “pain of the nation”. In Greek mythology, Aquiles was a hero in the Trojan War. In other words, he really is a warrior’s name!


Germanic name meaning “resolute protector” or “courageous protector”. It is an English variant of William.


Name of Germanic and French origin that means: “from Arlanc”, “coming from Arlanc”; “son of Arlan”, and “son of the one who comes from the land of warriors”.


A short and beautiful name, well known in Brazil, which has the following meaning: “warrior”, and “dedicated to Mars”. Latin origin.

Luis Gustavo

A boy’s name carries wonderful qualities for a son: “glorious fighter protected by God” or “famous warrior of the people of the Goths”.


One of those great-sounding masculine names! This means “warrior” or “devoted to the god Mars”. It is of Latin origin.


A beautiful name of Latin origin, carrying the following meanings: “warrior”, “martial” or “devoted to Mars.


A name that has excellent qualities in the meaning of his name: “noble warrior”, “elf army”, “protective warrior” or “protective genius”.


Name of Germanic origin meaning: “lord of the spear”, “strong warrior”.


From Germanic and Latin origins, this beautiful name means: “the one who protects his riches with the spear” or “blessed, lucky spear”.


Means “happy”, “lucky”, “successful”, or “blessed”. It’s certainly one of the most special-meaning names on our list of strong male names!


It means “friend of horses” or “the one who loves war”.


This means “glorious warrior”, and “illustrious warrior”.


It means “he who rules with the advice” or “mountain of strength”.

Cute and memorable boy names


A beautiful name of Germanic origin that means: “strong prince” or “brave prince”. It was the name of the three kings of England.


A short, beautiful-sounding name with great qualities in its meaning: “lion” or “brave as a lion”. It is of Greek and Germanic origin.


A common name in Brazil that means “victorious”, “what wins with the people”, and “what leads the people to victory”. That is, great attributes for a child!


A name of Greek origin that means “protector of man”, “defender of humanity”, and “what repels enemies”.


Estevao is a boy’s name that has a meaning related to nobility: “the one who has a crown”, “crowned”.


A very beautiful name of Germanic origin that means: “king of peace”, “prince of peace”, “the one who rules with peace”.


A name of Germanic origin that means: “daring to achieve peace”, “the one who dares to travel”, and “courageous traveler”.

Joao Vitor

A beautiful composite name that has very important qualities in its meaning: “victorious and favored by God”, “winner of God’s grace and mercy” or “God forgives and wins”.


A name of Germanic origin meaning “saved in combat”, and “saved in war” and in some translations, it is translated as “a man willing to participate in every fight”, as if it were a synonym for “warrior”.


A masculine name of Latin origin that has the following meaning: “the one who wins”, “the one who conquers” or “winner, conqueror”.


A boy’s name with sacred qualities: “gift of the Lord”, “God is full of grace”, “God is merciful and enlightened”.


Means “rock”, “rock” or “firm”.


A beautiful name originating from the Sanskrit name Ravi, meaning “the Sun”. It was from an Indian musician that the name Ravi was popularized.

It is a very different masculine name that you can fall in love with for its sound and meaning!


It means “lord of the home”, “prince of the home” or “king of the house”.


It means: “protector of wealth”, “guardian of wealth” or “rich guardian”.

Different and imposing boy names


A name of Germanic origin that carries the meaning: “glorious fighter”, “famous warrior” or even “famous in war”.


A short male name that is lit, with very strong meanings: “inhabitant of Lucania” or “the one who belongs to the light”, “the luminous one”.


Another name is quite exotic in Brazil but very common in Germany. Means: “glorious warrior”, “illustrious warrior”.


A name of great attributes for a son, meaning: “hill”, “mountain”, “noble”, “virtuous”, or “he who is strong”.


This beautiful name has great qualities in its meaning: “blessed”, “good man”, “the one who goes well” or “the one who is always well”. After all, who doesn’t want this for their child?!


A common name in Germany and England, it means: “man of the people”, or “strong, robust man”.


A name of Hebrew and English origin, meaning “the strong”, “the firm”, “the solid”, “the resistant”, and “the enduring”.


A beautiful Greek name that means: “god”, “supreme God”.


A different boy’s name means: “constant”, “lasting”, “stable”, and “permanent”.


A strong name that means: “ruler of the people”, or “lord of the people”. It has English and Germanic origin.


A little-known name in Brazil, which has Germanic origins, but which carries strong meanings: “commander”, “the one who commands or dominates”.


It means “the one who keeps”, “the one who retains”, and “the one who has”.


A name of Japanese origin that means “bright and courageous”.

Biblical Powerful Boy Names


A name of English origin meaning: “spear of God”, “divine fighter” or “lover of deer”.


A Hebrew name meaning: “God hears” or “God will hear”. It is a biblical name cited in the Old Testament as one of the children of Abraham and Hagar.


A strong masculine name with sacred meanings: “bestowed by God”, “God’s grace and mercy”, “God forgives” or “God is full of grace”.


This beautiful name means “blessed”, “blessed”, “praised”, or “the one who is well spoken of”.


It means “The Lord is my God”, “Jehovah is my God”.


Other names carry sacred and important meanings: “God is gracious”, “gift from God”, “grace from God” or even “God forgives”.


A great-sounding name, which means “God’s gift”, “God’s gift”.


This beautiful, rare name means “protector”.


A biblical boy’s name means: “angel”, “great and mighty”, “blessed”, “auspicious”, “pure”, or “divine”.


A baby boy’s name means: “pleasing to God”, or “God is good”.


A short, cute masculine name that means “the one that comes from the heel” or “may God protect him”.


A name of Hebrew origin that means: “strength of God”, “power of the Lord”, and “my God is my strength”.


A name of Hebrew origin is quite popular in Brazil, which means: “who is like God?”. Michael is mentioned five times in the Bible as an archangel and is considered a symbol of humility before God.


This beautiful boy’s name common in Brazil means “gift of God”, “gift of Yahweh”, “gift of God”, or “gift of God”.


A strong name meaning “Jehovah established” or “God established”. In the Bible, this was the name of one of the kings of Judah, known to have been taken captive by King Nebuchadnezzar in Babylon.


A beautiful male name that sounds great! It means “gift from God”, or “divine gift”.


It means “man of God”, “strong man of God”, or “fortress of God”.


This means “peace of God”, and “my father is peace”.


Means “blessed”, or “blessed”.


It means “God has healed” or “healed by God”.


It means “God’s gift”.


It means “God is salvation.”


The meaning refers to divine gifts, the one who multiplies.

Strong old male names


A name that carries great qualities for a child in its meaning: “vigorous”, “lively” or “good company”.


A name of Greek and mythological origin which means “follower”. He was a well-known character from Greek mythology.


This old masculine name means “the beloved”, “dear”, and “favorite”. David was Israel’s most famous king, known for defeating the giant Goliath!

It is a short and very beautiful name to give a child.


A name of Hebrew origin that means: “dog” or “dog”.


A name of Hebrew and English origin that carries the following meaning: “he will laugh”, and “son of joy” Great qualities for a son!


This short and very popular name in England and Germany means “man”, “man formed on earth”.


A name of Hebrew origin meaning “rest”, “rest”, or “long life”. In Brazil, the variation for Noah is also very common.


This beautiful name of Latin origin means: “sacred”, “consecrated”, and “extraordinary”.


Means “chickpeas”.

It was the name of a famous Roman orator from the 1st century BC.

Pedro Henrique

A name made up of great attributes: “lord of the home strong as a stone”, and “prince of the house strong as a rock”. Greek and Germanic in origin.


Of Germanic origin, it means “valiant as a lion”, and “strong as a lion”. A boy’s name with special qualities, linked to a lion’s strength and courage.


A very beautiful and ancient masculine name that means “poster of posters”. It is of Germanic origin.


It means “born in the city of Laurento”.


It means “the ruler of the house”, “ruler” or “prince”.


It means “aquatic bird” or “the one that glides over the waters”.


It means “messenger”, or “angel”.


It means “pilgrim”, “the one who wanders”.


It means “sublime father” or “father of the multitudes”.


It means “valuable”, “invaluable”, and “worthy of appreciation”.


It means “vigilante man”, or “always awake”.

Other strong male names

  1. Levi
  2. Thomas
  3. Borges
  4. Caue
  5. Olav
  6. Tone
  7. Petrus
  8. Zuriel
  9. Alcaeus
  10. Patrick
  11. Pace
  12. Erik
  13. Julian
  14. Kai
  15. Zola
  16. Perseus
  17. Quintino
  18. Whomuel
  19. Rian
  20. Ramon
  21. Zaki
  22. Sebastian
  23. Teddy
  24. James
  25. Fred
  26. Antonio
  27. Tales
  28. Uchoa
  29. Michael
  30. Ubirajara
  31. Wesley
  32. Mauro
  33. Vinicius
  34. Wallace
  35. Shaman
  36. Martin
  37. Zayn
  38. Bucket
  39. Hermes
  40. Andrew
  41. Kael
  42. Kleber
  43. Kyle
  44. Swear
  45. Ares
  46. Kenzo
  47. hades
  48. Mauritius
  49. Nuno
  50. Pablo
  51. Adonis
  52. Nile
  53. Xerxes
  54. Orpheus
  55. Thaddeus
  56. Filippo
  57. Hiroshi
  58. George
  59. Aguinaldo
  60. Isaac
  61. Helenus
  62. Italian
  63. Schist
  64. Ruda
  65. Apollo
  66. Jonah
  67. Azarias
  68. Lionel
  69. Gutenberg
  70. Valdinei
  71. Murilo
  72. Vincent
  73. Darlan
  74. Osvaldo
  75. Uriah
  76. Alfredo
  77. Harry
  78. William
  79. George
  80. Nicholas
  81. Albert
  82. Gustavo
  83. Conrad
  84. Maxuel
  85. Armstrong
  86. Arnaldo
  87. Ezequiel
  88. Saul
  1. Helmet
  2. Ernesto
  3. Joshua
  4. Iberê
  5. Abel
  6. Fabricio
  7. Gregory
  8. Laertes
  9. Leandro
  10. Alan
  11. Fabrizio
  12. Cyrus
  13. Great
  14. Bland
  15. Luigi
  16. Ettore
  17. Ivo
  18. Aloísio
  19. Rogerio
  20. Castiel
  21. Valerio
  22. Mario
  23. Zeus
  24. Predecessor
  25. Luka
  26. Enoch
  27. Umberto
  28. Domenico
  29. Hercules
  30. Israel
  31. Emanuel
  32. Zechariah
  33. João Tadeu
  34. Francisco
  35. Abraham
  36. Diogo
  37. Thomas
  38. João Pedro
  39. Luiz Andre
  40. Davi Lucas
  41. Seraphim
  42. Aristeus
  43. Timothy
  44. Victor Hugo
  45. Dionysus
  46. Leopold
  47. Alpha
  48. Eugene
  49. Balthazar
  50. Trajan
  51. Rui
  52. Francesco
  53. Nero
  54. Caesar Augustus
  55. Theobald
  56. Tyler
  57. Henry
  58. Riobaldo
  59. Christopher
  60. Banchan
  61. Jimin
  62. Tarmin
  63. Terrice
  64. Breno
  65. Peri
  66. Zion
  67. Herminio
  68. Jacob
  69. Arminius
  70. Jason
  71. Nereus
  72. Leone
  73. Vincent
  74. Mark
  75. Finn
  76. Reinaldo
  77. Apollonius
  78. Napoleon
  79. Giacomo
  80. Spleen
  81. Conrad
  82. Raoni
  83. Ubirathan
  84. Hephaestus
  85. Milo
  86. Attila
  87. Odo

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