800 Pretty Girls Names From A to Z

Pretty girls names – Lucía, Sofía, and Martina are the most popular names in recent years. If you don’t want your baby to have a ‘common’ name, but quite the opposite, you should look at this list we have prepared. Kora, Aria, and Ikia are some of them.

When you become pregnant, your body starts to send you the first signs that a new life is brewing inside you (nausea, drowsiness, changes in taste or smell…). One of the first things you think about is that everything goes well, you take more care of your diet and look for the best baby education books. The next thing you think about is “Will it be a girl or a boy? And when you get confirmation of the baby’s sex, you go back to another question: “What name should I give him/her? It is a very difficult question to solve and can be a big headache, even for those who have always had a clear idea of what they want to name their children. You know that the name you give your child is going to mark him or her for life. If you are expecting a girl, we will give you a hand.

Maybe since you were a little girl you had a clear idea of what name you would like to give your baby, but when the time comes to choose it, you realize that this name is among the most common. According to data from the National Statistics Institute (INE), throughout 2020 the most common names were Lucía (3,432 girls); Sofía (3,190); Martina (3,042); María (2,839); and Julia (2,436). No surprise, as the podium is the same as in 2019.

800 Pretty Girls Names From A to Z
800 Pretty Girls Names From A to Z

As much as you like these girl names, you also don’t want your daughter to end up being called by her first and last name, simply by the surname or by a nickname. So you decide to look for other options, but… Which one to choose? If you’re hoping for a girl, here are some name ideas to give you all the inspiration you need. And we warn: they are so uncommon that only 10 (such as Noa, Aroa, or Olivia) appear in the list of Spain’s 100 most popular names in the last year. In addition to uncommon names, we also tell you the origin and meaning: did you know that Betina is a variant of Isabel and is of Hebrew origin? Or that Noa is of Japanese origin and means “love”?

Look at our proposals and if you do not find the name you are looking for, we also have this list of original names for girls, Italian names, French names, or Arabic names for girls.

800 Pretty Girls Names From A to Z

If you are expecting a boy, don’t forget to visit the 800 most original boy names and their meaning.

Pretty Girls Names With A

1. Aba: name of feminine African origin that means “born on Thursday.

2. Abbie: it is the diminutive of Abigail.

3. Abigail: it comes from Hebrew and means “joy of the father” or “source of rejoicing”.

4. April: From “aprilis”, month of April. Latin origin.

5. Acalia: means “star”, or from the Babylonian goddess Ishtar.

6. Ada: is the abbreviation of Adelaide. It is of Germanic origin and means “of noble lineage”.

7. Adayagirl’s name of Hebrew origin, it means “adornment of Yahweh”.

8. Adhara: Of Arabic origin. Its main meaning is “orange blossom flower”.

9. Adelagirl’s name of Germanic origin that means “noble”.

10. Adina: of Hebrew origin, it means “delicate”.

11. Afra: of Latin origin means “warm woman”.

12. Africagirl’s name of Greek origin, it means “exposed to the sun” or “warm.

13. Agate: it derives from the Greek “agathê” and means “kind”.

14. Agnes: Catalan variant of Agnes that in its origin comes from Greek. It means “chaste”.

15. Aida: “Of important family”. Latin origin.

16. Aike: comes from Frisian and means “sword”.

17. Ailén: of Mapuche origin, that comes from the word aylen, that means “Joy”.

18. Aimarname of both boy and girl. It is of Germanic origin and means “strong-house”.

19. Aina: Catalan form of Anna, of Hebrew origin and which means “favor, grace”.

20. Ainara: pretty girl’s name that means “swallow” in Basque.

21. Aisha: a name of Arabic origin that means “life”.

22. Aitana: if the theory of its Basque origin is taken into account, it would mean “glory”.

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23. Aixa: of Arabic origin, it means “she who is vital”.

24. Akirapopular Japanese name whose meaning is “clear, brilliant”. 25.

25. Alaiagirl’s name that means “joy” in Basque.

26. Alessia: Italian variant of Alessandra.

27. Alex: it is one of the most popular unisex names. It is of Greek origin, diminutive of Alejandro/a, it means “the defender”.

28. Alexia: name of Greek origin, it means “defender”.

29. Aldana: Celtic. “Of the house of Alda”.

30. Amabel: “Pleasant, kind woman”. Latin origin.

31. Amanda: Latin. “Who deserves to be loved”.

32. Amor: can be a boy’s and a girl’s name. It is the nickname of Cupid. It is of Latin origin and its meaning is related to the feelings, the affection, the attachment?

33. Amparo: although it is not very frequent, Amparo can also be a masculine name. In Latin it means protection or shelter.

34. Anaís: Hebrew. “Pure woman.”

35. Andrea: this name is perfect for a boy or a girl. It is of Greek origin, it means “courage and beauty”.

36. Andy: of Hebrew origin, it means “brave and beautiful”.

37. Anisa: “Good woman”. Arabic origin.

38. Arden: this name is of English origin and means “valley of eagles” or “romantic place or of refuge”.

39. Ariel: this unisex name is of Hebrew origin and means “lion of God”.

40. Arlene: It means “commitment”. Celtic origin.

41. Aroa: “Good person”. Germanic origin.

42. Artis: of Scottish origin, means “bear” or “bear”.

43. Atira: Arabic origin. “Pleasant fragrance”.

44. Avery: unisex name of Anglo-Saxon and French roots. It is believed that it derives from the name Alfred. It is popular in English-speaking countries.

45. Ayana: “Pretty flower”. African origin.

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Pretty Girls Names With B

46. Babette: of French origin, it is a variant of Barbara, which means “foreigner”.

47. Baia: Galician name that comes from Greek and means “well spoken”.

48. Bahia: of Arabic origin that means “beautiful”.

49. Bahianagirl’s name which is a variant of “Bahia”.

50. Bárbara: name of Greek origin. It means “foreigner”.

51. Barbie: American variant of Barbara.

52. Batia: name of Hebrew origin which means “daughter of God”.

53. Beca: diminutive of Rebecca. Hebrew origin.

54. Becky: name of Hebrew origin which means “tied”.

55. Bega: name of Germanic origin variant of “Berta” which means “illustrious”.

56. Bela: name of Hebrew origin derived from Elizabela. It means “woman of light skin”.

57. Belindaname of Latin origin that means “beautiful”“.

58. Belisa: “The highest”. Latin origin.

59. Bella: “Beauty”. Name of Latin origin.

60. Belmaname of Turkish origin that means “beautiful”“.

61. Beneida: of Latin origin, it means “blessed by God”.

62. Benilda: “Fighting woman”. Germanic.

63. Bera: name of Norwegian origin that means “spiritual”.

64. Berenice: name of Greek origin which means “she who carries the victory”.

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65. Berilagirl’s name of Latin origin that means “precious stone”.

66. Berna: It means “young” in Turkish.

67. Bernadette: variant of Bernadette. Very popular in France.

68. Bernie: name of Greek origin, diminutive of Berniece that means “brave”.

69. Bernice: variant of Berenice. It means “she who carries the victory”.

70. Berta: name of German origin which means “brilliant”.

71. Beryl: name of Greek origin coming from the mineral “beryl”.

72. Beth: diminutive of Bethia, Hebrew name that means “life”.

73. Betia: name of Hebrew origin that means “adored of God”.

74. Betina: Variant of Isabel. Of Hebrew origin.

75. Bathsheba: name of Hebrew origin which means “daughter of the oath”.

76. Bimba: Italian girl’s name, which comes from bambina. It means “girl”.

77. Blair: it comes originally from a Scottish surname and derives from the word blar which means “plain, field”, but more specifically it is used as “battlefield”.

78. Blanchename of French origin that means “white”.

79. Bonnie: From the French word “bon” which means good.

80. Bora: derived from borë, “snow” in Albanian.

81. Briana: Celtic origin. “Person of strength”.

82. Brisa: Spanish name. “Soft wind”.

83. Bruna: Germanic. It means “armor”.

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Pretty Girls Names With C

84. Cadence: of Latin origin, means “rhythm, cadence”.

85. Caeligirl’s name of Italian origin that means “that comes from the skies”.

86. Cailin: Irish. It means “young”.

87. Caimile: of African origin that means “she who forms a family”.

88. Cala: of Arabic origin, it means “castle, fortress”.

89. Calliope: name of Greek origin. In Greek mythology she was the muse of epic poetry and eloquence. It means “she of beautiful voice”.

90. Calypso: of Greek origin, means “she who hides”.

91. Calistaname of Greek origin that means “most beautiful”“.

92. Calixta: variant of Calista.

93. Camellia: name of a flower. Latin origin.

94. Cameron: of Scottish origin, a unisex name that means “crooked nose”.

95. Camila: of Latin origin, it means “she who is in front of God”.

96. Camille: French form of Camilla.

97. Candela: diminutive of Candelaria.

98. Candelaria: name of Latin origin, means “candle”.

99. CaraItalian name of Latin origin, meaning “dear”.

100. Carey: Celtic origin. “Of the river”.

101. Carina: of Latin origin, “the very beloved”.

102. Carmela: of Hebrew origin, means “garden”.

103. Cassandra: Greek name which means ‘sister of men’.

104. Casey: of Irish origin, it means “watchful”.

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105. Cassiopeia: Greek name of unknown etymology. 106.

106. Cataleya: “beautiful flower”, or “divine flower”.

107. Catrina: variant of Catalina, that means “pure, immaculate.

108. Cécile: French form of Cecilia, meaning “blind.

109. Celeste: it comes from Latin and means “of the sky or celestial”.

110. Celia: name that comes from Caelius / Caelia and means “sky”.

111. Celina: of Latin origin, it means “heaven, divine”.

112. Ceres: of Latin origin related to crescere, “to grow”.

113. Chantal: of French origin, it means “stone, rock”.

114. Charlize: variant of Charlotte.

115. Charlotte: very popular name in France. Feminine diminutive of Charles.

116. Chenoa: original girls name coming from the American native that means “dove”.

117. Cheryl: variant of the French name Cherie, which means “sweetheart”.

118. Chloe: of Greek origin, it means “grass” or “green shoots”.

119. Cybele: in Roman mythology, she is the Mother Goddess.

120. Claribel: variation of Clara.

121. Claudia: from the Latin “Claudius”, the proper name of illustrious Roman families.

122. Claudette: French version of Claudia.

123. Columba: of Italian origin. It means “of pale color”.

124. Chenoa: “White dove”. American origin.

125. Cintia: Greek. It refers to mount Kinthos.

126. Cira: “Sun”. Persian origin.

127. Cleo: “Famous woman”. Greek origin.

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Pretty Girls Names With D

128. Dacia: name of Latin origin, it means “native of Dacia”, which was the name of an ancient region of the Roman Empire.

129. Daphnegirl’s name of Greek origin that means “laurel”.

130. Dagmar: it is a Danish unisex name that means “shining”, or “illustrious”.

131. Daila: “Beautiful as a flower”. Name of Latvian origin.

132. Daira: “Full of wisdom”. Greek.

133. Daenerys: in spite of being a fictitious name of one of the most popular characters of “Game of Thrones”, it has become very popular.

134. Daia: name of African origin that means “joy of the morning.

135. Daisy: English name that derives from Latin. It is the English variant of “Daisy”.

136. Dakota: its origin is Native American and means “friend”.

137. Dahlia: the name of a flower, which represents elegance and dignity.

138. Dalila: of Hebrew origin, it means “she who has the key”.

139. Dallas: this unisex name is that of a great city in Texas. Its origin is Scottish and means “of the prairie dwelling.

140. Damara: Name of Greek origin. In Celtic mythology, she was a goddess of fertility.

141. Damaris: of Greek origin, it means “dominant woman”.

142. Dana: feminine version of Daniel, of Hebrew origin and that means “God is my judge”.

143. Danae: name of Greek origin, means “arid, dry”.

144. Danelle: French variant of Daniela.

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145. Danette: French variant of Dana.

146. Dani: Dani is the diminutive of Daniel and also that of Daniela and it is attributed meanings of experience and wisdom.

147. Daniela: Hebrew origin. It means “God is my judge”.

148. Daragirl’s name of Hebrew origin, it means “pearl of wisdom” or “intelligence”.

149. Darcy: do you remember Mr. Darcy from Jane Austen’s mythical novel Pride and Prejudice? This unisex name originally comes from the French surname “d’Arcy”, which indicated that someone was from the town of Arcy.

150. Daria: feminine variant of Darius, of Persian origin, whose meaning is “possessor of goodness”.

151. Darice: “Queen”. Name of Persian origin.

152. Darissa: variant of Daria.

153. Dava: diminutive of Davina, of Hebrew origin and meaning “small deer”.

154. Davinia: feminine form of David, of Hebrew origin. It means “beloved”.

155. Dawa: of Tibetan origin. “Born on Monday”.

156. Dayana: Latin variant of Diana, meaning “divine”.

157. Deborah: name of Hebrew origin which means “bee”.

158. Debra: variant of Deborah.

159. Deka: “Pleasant”. Arabic origin.

160. Delphine: it comes from the Greek mythology. It means “she of beautiful and graceful forms”, “she who has grace” or “she who is graceful like the dolphin”.

161. Delia: of Greek origin, it means “born on the island of Delos”.

162. Delilah: English variant of Delilah.

163. Denis: it is a name of Greek origin, derived from Dionysius.

164. Deva: Hindu name. It alludes to the divinity.

165. Dina: it comes from the Hebrew that means “justice”.

166. Dione: of Greek origin. “Divine, celestial, of Zeus.”

167. Diora: of French origin. “Golden.”

168. Donia: Of Italian origin for a woman meaning “clever, intelligent”.

169. Dora: “Gift of God” of Greek origin.

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Pretty Girls Names With E

170. Ebba: of Danish origin, it means “strong.

171. Ebere: of African origin, meaning “mercy”, or “clemency”.

172. Eda: “happy”. English origin.

173. Edda: name of German origin meaning “she who has fame and glory”.

174. Eden: Of Hebrew origin. It means “Delight”, “Pleasure”.

175. Ederne: of Latin origin, in Euskera it means “of Gaul, present France”.

176. Edita: name of Latin origin, it means “she who fights for the wealth”.

177. Edith: of German origin, it comes from ed: “wealth” and gyth: “combat”.

178. Edna: Hebrew name and means “rejuvenation”.

179. Edurne: it is Snow in Basque.

180. Eglé: of Greek origin. “Eglé: it is of Greek origin.

181. Eider: it is a Basque unisex name that means “beautiful”“.

182. Eikogirl’s name of Japanese origin that means “splendid girl”.

183. Eines: Galician form of Inés. It means “chaste and pure”.

184. Eira: Of Welsh origin, it means “snow”.

185. Eirene: of Greek origin. It means “peace”.

186. Ela: “She who is noble”. Germanic.

187. Elaine: French variant of Elena.

188. Elara: of Greek origin. “Moon of Jupiter”.

189. Elba: of Celtic origin meaning “she who comes from the top of the mountains”.

190. Eldagirl’s name of Germanic origin. It means “she who is fighter”.

191. Elea: of Greek and Breton origin, meaning “brilliant”.

192 . Electra: of Greek origin. “Golden”, “golden as the sun” “amber”, “yellow” “bright”.

193. Elia: of Greek origin, means “she who shines like the sun”.

194. Eliana: of Hebrew origin. Feminine variant of the Greek name Helios, which means “sun”.

195. Eliette: of Greek origin, meaning “God has answered.

196. Eleonora: of Greek origin, meaning “strong or bold”.

197. Elga: “pious”. Slavic name.

198. Elia: of Greek origin, means “she who shines like the sun”.

199. Elif: of Turkish origin, meaning “fine and tall”.

200. Ella: of English origin, diminutive of Hellen/Ellen, which means “light” or “torch”.

201. Elisea: of Hebrew origin, from ‘el i shuah’, meaning “God is my health”.

202. Elsagirl’s name of Hebrew origin, meaning “consecrated to God”.

203. Elvia: of Celtic origin, it means “coming from the top of the mountains”.

204. Elvira: of Germanic origin, means “kindly spear” or “noble protectress”.

205. Emille: Emilia in Euskera and means “kind”.

206. Enara: variant of Ainara in Euskera, it means “swallow”.

207. Enit: It means “Soul”. Welsh origin.

208. Enora: Celtic origin. It means “honor”.

209. Enys: “Coming from the island”. Celtic.

210. Erin: “From Ireland.” Name of Gaelic origin.

211. Erica: of German origin, means “eternal, rich, powerful”.

212. Eskarne: Mercedes in Basque. It means “grace, gratitude”,

213. Ever: it is also considered a unisex name of Germanic origin. It means “who is strong or who does not give up”.

214. Eyén: Aboriginal name. It means “Dawn

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Pretty Girls Names With F

215. Fabiagirl’s name that comes from Latin. It means “growing seed”.

216. Fabianne: French variant of Fabiana. Latin gentilicio which means “of the family of Fabio”.

217. Fabiola: It is a variant of Fabia.

218. Fabriciagirl’s name of Latin origin, it means “craftswoman”. 219.

219. Fadia: of Arabic origin, it means “she who protects the others.

220. Fadila: name of Arabic origin, means “virtue”.

221. Faina: of Greek origin, means “resplendent.

222. Fairuz: of Arabic origin, means “emerald or precious stone.

223. Falak: of Arabic origin, means “star.

224. Famara: name of Canary origin. It is the most famous mountain of the island of Lanzarote.

225. Fania: name of English origin, it is attributed the meaning of “crown, garland” and also “of France”.

226. Fara: of Germanic origin, it means “she who illuminates the way”. 227.

227. Farah: it is a name of Arabic origin. It means “joy”.

228. Fariha: of Arabic origin, it means “happiness”. 229.

229. Fatimagirl’s name of Arabic origin, it means “unique”. 230.

230. Fayegirl’s name that comes from Hawaii, it means “of fairies”.

231. Fe: of Latin origin, it means “faith”.

232. Phoebe: of Greek origin. “The shining one, the resplendent one”.

233. Phaedra: of Greek origin. “Bright, radiant” and “cheerful, joyful”.

234. Felicity: of Latin origin, meaning “happiness, luck”.

235. Felicity: of Latin origin, meaning “blissful”.

236. Felina: from Latin, it means “relative to the cat”.

237. Felisa: from Latin origin, it means “happy, joyful”.

238. Fergie: it is considered a unisex name since it can be a diminutive and the feminine form of Fergus.

239. Fernanda: name of Germanic origin, it means “warrior, audacious”.

240. Fialagirl’s name of Czech origin that means “violet”.

241. Fiama: Of Latin origin. “She who shines”.

242. Filis: of Greek origin, it means “adorned”.

243. Fiona: of Celtic origin, means “white, immaculate”.

244. Fina: Hebrew name, feminine of Joseph. It means “I hope that God will make her great.

245. Fiona: “Of blond hair”. Gaelic origin.

246. Fioregirl’s name of Italian origin, a variant of Flor.

247. Fiorella: of Italian origin, meaning “little flower”.

248. Francis: it is a pretty unisex name. It is of Latin origin and means “free man or woman”.

249. Florence: of English origin, it means “of very good character”.

250. Freda: “Protective friend”. Germanic.

251. Freya: “Goddess of love”. Scandinavian origin.

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Pretty Girls Names With G

252. Gabina: name of Latin origin that means “born in Gubbio, a city of Italy”. 253.

253. Gabriela: “She who has God’s strength”. Hebrew origin.

254. Gaby: it is a diminutive of Gabriel or Gabriela and it is a pretty and sonorous unisex name.

255. Gadea: name of Basque origin that means “good, kind”.

256. Gael: although this name is mostly masculine, it can also be used for a girl. It is of Breton origin and means “powerful”.

257. Gaia: name of Greek origin, coming from mythology. It refers to the goddess of the earth.

258. Gala: “song”. Scandinavian origin.

259. Galatea: name of Greek origin that means “milk”.

260. Galenka: of Russian origin, variant of Galina.

261. Galia: name of Latin origin, variant of Gala. 262.

262. Galilea: name of Italian origin, it refers to the city of Galilee, in the north of Israel. 263.

263. Galina: name of Russian origin, means “calm.

264. Garazi: name of Basque origin, variant of Gracia.

265. Garbiñe: name of Basque origin that means “immaculate”.

266. Gardenia: name of Germanic origin which means “fenced”.

267. Gartze: name of Basque origin meaning “pleasant”. 268.

268. Gayle: name of Hebrew origin which is translated as “the joy of the father”. 269.

269. Gea: name of Greek origin, in mythology, she was the goddess of the earth, for that reason, its meaning is “earth”.

270. Gemma: it comes from Latin and means “precious stone.

271. Genesis: the first book of the Old Testament. It means “the beginning” or “the origin of everything.

272. Genoveva: Welsh origin. It alludes to the foam of the sea.

273. Georgia: name of Greek origin, variant of Georgina. It means “woman farmer”.

274. Georgina: name of Greek origin. It means “woman farmer”.

275. Geraldine: French variant of Gerarda.

276. Gery: Gery can be the diminutive of Gerard, but it is also considered an abbreviation of the feminine form of Gertrude. It means strong with the spear.

277. Giannina: of Hebrew origin. It means “God has mercy”.

278. Giennah: Its name comes from Arabic and means “wing.

279. Gilda: English origin. “Gilda: English origin.

280. Gimena: Variant of Jimena. It means “she who obeys”.

281. Gina: name of Hebrew origin, diminutive of Georgina.

282. Ginebra: Celtic origin. “She who is white and beautiful”.

283. Ginger: of possible English origin, it means “destined to marriage”.

284. Giovanna: of Hebrew origin, it means “God has mercy”.

285. Gisela: name of Germanic origin that is translated as “rod, arrow”.

286. Greta: of Swedish origin. “Pearl.” 287.

287. Gretel: of Germanic origin. Meaning “pearl”.

288. Guadalupe: although this name is popularly feminine, it can also be used for men. It is of Arabic origin, it means “river of the wolf”.

289. Guide: “She who guides”. Germanic origin.

290. Guiomar: “Illustrious woman”. Germanic.

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Pretty Girls Names With H

291. Habibah: of Arabic origin, means “dear, beloved”.

292. Hada: of Latin origin, meaning “she who follows destiny”.

293. Hadara: variant of Hadar, which is of Hebrew origin and means “adorned with beauty”. 294.

294. Hadassa: of Hebrew origin which means “tree that blooms”.

295. Hadiya: of Arabic origin, meaning “guide to virtue”.

296. Hadley: name of English origin, meaning ‘heather field’.

297. Hadria: variant of Adriana, which is of Latin origin and means ‘person of Adria’.

298. Haidee: name of Greek origin, meaning ‘modest’.

299. Haimi: of Hindu origin, it means “like gold”. 300.

300. Hailey: of English origin, it means “hay meadow”.

301. Halima: of Arabic origin, means “peaceful”.

302. Halley: Anglo-Saxon name meaning “sacred”. It has also been used to name the famous comet.

303. Halsey: of English origin, meaning “sacred island”.

304. Hana: Arabic. It means “happiness”.

305. Hannah: of Hebrew origin, means “grace”.

306. Hanae: a name of Japanese origin, means “to bloom” or “flower blessed by the Gods”.

307. Hanako: of Japanese origin, means “flower girl”.

308. Hannah: of Hebrew origin, means “grace”.

309. Harika: of Turkish origin, means “miracle”.

310. Harmony: means “harmony”.

311. Harper: it is a name of Anglo-Saxon origin that means “he/it that plays the harp”.

312. Harriet: of English origin, it means “ruler of the property”. 313.

313. Hazel: of English origin, it means “hazelnut”.

314. Hasna: Arabic. “Strong.”

315. Hebe: of Greek origin. It means pubic hair and puberty.

316. Heidi: name of German origin, diminutive of Adelheid. It means “of noble birth”.

317. Helen: name of Greek origin, English variant of Helen. It means “she who burns”.

318. Helena: variant of Elena.

319. Helga: of Scandinavian origin, means “prosperous or blessed.

320. Helia: of Greek origin, means “sun.

321. Helina: “light of the sun”. Name of Russian origin.

322. Henar: Castilian name. “Place where the hay is kept.

323. Hermione: feminine form of Hermes, of Greek origin and meaning “messenger”.

324. Hesperia: of Greek origin, meaning “evening star” or “West”. The Greeks used this name for the Italic and Iberian peninsulas.

325. Hilaria: of Latin origin, it means “cheerful”.

326. Hillary: English form of Hilaria.

327. Hodei: it is a name generally masculine, although sometimes it is also used in women, of Basque origin that goes back to the XII century and that appears traditionally linked to the god of the storms.

328. Honor: it is an original name, infrequent, but in some English-speaking countries and in the United States it is used as a unisex name.

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Pretty Girls Names With I

329. Iana: It is a variant of Ayanna, a pretty flower. Swahili name.

330. Ianira: Greek name. “Sorceress.”

331. Ianthe: of Greek origin, means “purple flower” or “purple”.

332. Ibbie: of Latin origin. Affectionate form of Isabel “oath of God”.

333. Ibona: Basque variant of the name Yvonne, which means “yew tree”.

334.Ida: name of German origin which means “worker”.

335. Idalia: of Greek origin, it means “behold the sun”.

336. Idalis: variant of Ida.

337. Idara: Latin. “Well organized”.

338. Idona: of Norwegian origin. “Active in love”.

339. Idra: of Aramaic origin, meaning “fig tree”.

340. Idris: unisex name of Welsh origin, means “lord2, but is also used for girl.

341. Ife: of Egyptian origin, means “love”.

342. Ikerne: feminine form Iker. It means “visitation”.

343. Ikia: feminine form of the name Isaiah. Latin origin.

344. Ilana: “Tree”. Hebrew origin.

345. Ilania: variant of Ilana.

346. Ilaria: Italian variant of Hilaria, meaning “cheerful, happy”.

347. Ileana: “Woman of shining beauty”. Greek.

348. Ilena: variant of Elena.

349. Ilma: of Finnish origin, meaning “air”.

350. Ilse: Germanic origin. It means “God is my oath”.

351. Ima: Dutch variant of Emma. It means “universal woman”.

352. Imala: of Native American origin. It means “of strong mind”.

353. Imara: name of Hungarian origin, which means “strong or firm”.

354. Imelda: of German origin, meaning “great battle”.

355. Imogen: of Irish origin. “Born the last”.

356. Ina: diminutive of Latin names ending in “-ina”.

357. Inara: of Arabic origin, meaning “shining light”.

358. Inari: Finnish name. “Lake”.

359. Inaya: of Arabic origin, meaning “worried”.

360. India: derived from Sanskrit “indus”, river of great flow.

361. Indira: of Sanskrit origin, means “beauty”.

362. Indigo: a rare unisex name which seems to come from the Latin Indĭcum.

363. Ingrid: of Scandinavian origin, meaning “beautiful”.

364. Iola: of Greek origin, meaning “violet” or “aurora”.

365. Ioanna: variant of Joanna, meaning “God is merciful”.

366. Irem: this name of Arabic origin can be carried by a male and female person. It means “garden in the sky”.

367. Irina: “Peace”. Russian name.

368. Iris: Latin. It means “messenger of the gods”.

369. Irma: Germanic. “Noble woman”.

370. Isabela: Variant of Isabel, of Hebrew origin.

371. Isolde: of Germanic origin meaning “the strong and dominant warrior”.

372. Ivette: of Germanic origin whose meaning is “glorious”.

Floral Fantasy: Flower-Inspired Pretty Girls Names

Pretty Girls Names With J

373. Jacintagirl’s name of Greek origin, it means “flower of the hyacinth.

374. Jacoba: feminine form of Jacobo, meaning “supported by the heel.

375. Jackie: English variant of Jacqueline.

376. Jada: of English origin. “Green precious stone, jade.”

377. Jade: name of the precious stone.

378. Khadiya: name of the first wife of Mohammed. She was the first businesswoman in the history of Islam.

379. Jael: name of Hebrew origin, it is unisex and means “wild female goat”.

380. Jailyn: variant of Galen, from the Greek galena, which means “calm”.

381. Jamaica: of North American native origin, it means “land of forests and water.

382. Jamariname of Arabic origin that can be unisex and that means “beauty”“.

383. Jamelia: it comes from Arabic and means “beauty.

384. Jamie: of English origin, a feminine version of James.

385. Jamila: of Arabic origin, it means “beautiful”.

386. Jana: name of Hebrew origin, it means “God has mercy”.

387. Janet: variant of Jane, meaning “full of grace.

388. Jania: of Hebrew origin, a feminine variant of the name John.

389. Janina: variant of Jania.

390. Janne: variant of John, of Dutch origin. It means “God is merciful.

391. Janys: of Hebrew origin, a feminine variant of the name John.

392. Jara: of Arabic origin, meaning “sweet”.

393. Jayla: of Greek origin, it comes from Galen which means “calm”.

394. Jasmine: of Arabic origin, its meaning is “beautiful like the flower that bears its name.

395. Jasmine: variant of Jasmine.

396. Jazz: it is attributed to an African origin with the meaning “the one who seduces” and another Arabic origin with the meaning “sounds of distant drums”.

397. Jeanette: French name derived from the Hebrew Jane that means “God is pious.

398. Jerusalem: means “house of peace”.

399. Jessie: it comes from the Hebrew name Jesse, who in the Bible was the father of David, the king of Israel. It means “God contemplates”.

400. Jena: of Arabic origin. “White, paradise.

401. Jezebel: of biblical origin, one of the variants of Elizabeth.

402. Joss: it is more frequently a feminine name, but it can also be masculine. It is a derivative of the old German name Josse, which means “champion”.

403. Judit: Hebrew origin. “Jewess”.

404. June: Name of Latin origin. It alludes to the month of June.

405. Juno: Latin origin. “Young wife”.

406. Jupiter: it is more frequent as a boy’s name, but it can also be a girl’s name. It is of Latin origin and means “father of the light”.

Fairy Tale Favorites: Enchanting Girls Names Fit for a Storybook

Pretty Girls Names With K

407. Kacey: variant of Casey. It means “watchman”.

408. Kadence: variant of Cadence, which is of Latin origin and means “rhythm”.

409. Kadira: of Arabic origin and means “capable”.

410. Kady: of Irish origin, it means “first”.

411. Kadya: variant of Kady.

412. Kaede: of Japanese origin, means “maple tree.

413. Kaela: “Beloved”. Hebrew origin.

414. Kai: it is a very original unisex name. It means “sea” in Hawaiian.

415. Kaia: Basque variant of Caya.

416. Kaie: “Combat”. Celtic origin.

417. Kaira: of Scandinavian origin, means “peaceful”.

418. Kairi: of Japanese origin, means “sea”. 419.

419. Kaitlyn: it means “pure” or “of pure lineage”.

420. Kala: Hawaiian name. It means “Sun”.

421. Kalani: of Hawaiian origin, it means “heaven or paradise”.

422. Kalea: variant of Claire, which means “clear, shining”.

423. Kalena: Hawaiian variant of Karen, meaning “pure.

424. Kalila: of Arabic origin, it means “loved”.

425. Kamila: name of Arabic origin. “Perfect”.

426. Kanya: of Hindu origin, means “virgin”.

427. Karina: Scandinavian variant of Carina, of Italian origin and meaning “dear little one”. 

428. Karola: Czech variant of Carolina, feminine variant of Charles, meaning “free man”.

429. Kassandra: of Greek origin, meaning “sister of men”.

430. Katarina: of Polish origin and means “pure woman”.

431. Katia: Russian name meaning “chaste woman”.

432. Kate: diminutive of Katherine.

433. Katniss: fictitious name of the main character of “The Hunger Games.

434. Kavya: of Sanskrit origin, means “poem”.

435. Kayla: of Hebrew and Arabic origin, means “crown, laurel”. 436.

436. Keilaname of Arabic origin that means “woman of beautiful glance”.

437. Keira: Irish origin. It means “melancholic woman”.

438. Kelly: it is a very popular unisex name in the United States, it means “the one who fights”. It is more frequent as a feminine name.

439. Kendall: it is more common as a feminine name, but it can also be a masculine name. It is of Germanic origin and means “valley of the Kent River”.

440. Kenya: “Jewel”. African name.

441. Keyla: of Greek origin that means “beautiful”.

442. Kin: Japanese name to symbolize the “golden color”.

443. Kora: name of Greek origin. It means “young woman”.

Timeless Treasures: Vintage Pretty Girls Names with a Touch of Nostalgia

Pretty Girls Names With L

444. Laetitia: French name of Latin origin, means “joy, happiness.

445. Laia: Catalan diminutive of Eulalia, name of Greek origin that means “to speak well”.

446. Lais: “Happy”. Greek origin.

447. Lala: variant of Laura.

448. Lalia: of Latin origin, means “speaking well”.

449. Lamar: it comes from Latin and means “of the sea”.

450. Lana: diminutive of Alana, feminine variant of Alan, that means “cheerful”.

451. Laoise: of Irish origin, meaning “light”.

452. Lara: means “famous. Latin origin.

453. Larisa: of Greek origin and its meaning is that of “the one who is cheerful and willing.

454. Laura: of Latin origin, it means “crowned with laurel leaves.

455. Lauren: English variant of Laura.

456. Lauretta: Italian diminutive of Laura.

457. Lavender: color and name of the plant.

458. Lavinia: name of Latin origin. “Purity”.

459. Layan: of Arabic origin, means “kind, soft”.

460. Layla: “Woman born at night”. Arabic.

461. Lea: name of Latin origin, means “lioness”.

462. Leahbiblical name of Hebrew origin, means “tired”.

463. Leda: of Greek origin. Leda: of Greek origin, means “woman lying down”.

464. Leia: variant of Leah, which is of Hebrew origin and means “tired”.

465. Leire: from Latin, meaning “legionary”.

466. Lena: short form of Elena, meaning “radiant, luminous, fire”.

467. Leo: it is a unisex name that means “lion”. It is the diminutive of Leonardo, Leoncio, Leonidas, León, León, Leopoldo, Lenarda, Leonor….

468. Leona: inspired by the name of the animal.

469. Leonora: diminutive of Eleonora, variant of Elena.

470. Léonore: French variant of Leonora.

471. Lesath: of Arabic origin meaning sting.

472. Leslie: can be a boy’s or girl’s name, although it is more popular as a feminine name in the United States. It originated from a Scottish surname which in turn derives from the name of the lands of Lesslyn.

473. Lia: from Hebrew, meaning “the merciful”.

474. Libya: name of the wife of Poseidon. Greek origin.

475. Lisa: from Hebrew, meaning “she who is consecrated to God”.

476. Liv: Scandinavian name. It means “protection”.

477. Lúa: it comes from Latin, it means “she who shines among the others” or “moon”.

478. Luan: it is a biblical name and means “uprising”.

479. Lucian: it comes from Latin and is derived from the name Luciano/a, it means “born in the light of the day”.

480. Luján: it is unisex. It is the Marian invocation of Our Lady of Luján.

481. Moon: Latin. “She who shines”.

482. Lyra: of Greek origin that means “who plays the lyre”.

Starry-Eyed Elegance: Celestial Girls Names for a Shining Future

Pretty Girls Names With M

483. Mab: of Irish origin. “Happiness.” She is the queen of the fairies.

484. Mabel: abbreviated form of Mary Elizabeth.

485. Macarena: corresponds to the Marian invocation of Our Lady of Hope.

486. Mae: of English origin, whose meaning is “beloved of God” or “eminent.

487. Magalí: of Provençal origin, a variant of Magdalena.

488. Magda: of Hebrew origin, meaning “firm tower.

489. Maia: of Greek origin, meaning “the motherly one.

490. Maira: “Fairy”. Celtic origin.

491. Malena: Variant of Magdalena.

492. Malu: Of Hawaiian origin. It means “peaceful”.

493. Malva: Name of flower. Latin origin.

494. Manuela: “God is with us”. Hebrew origin.

495. Mara: of Hebrew origin, meaning “romantic woman”.

496. Mariela: Italian variant of Maria.

497. Marion: variant of Mary which in turn comes from the Hebrew Miriam. It means “beloved of God”.

498. Marlon: name of Latin origin, derived from Marion, variant of Mary.

499. Martina: “Consecrated to Mars”. Latin origin.

500. Maura: of Latin origin, means “dark.

501. Maxine: means “the greatest” in French.

502. Maya: “bright star”. Greek.

503. Mayra: of Latin origin, means “wonderful woman”.

504. Meissa: from Arabic. “The shining star”.

505. Mel: it is an English name that can be the abbreviation of Melvin, Melania, Melisa…

506. Melina: of Greek origin, it means “yellow”.

507. Melissa: Greek origin. “Sweet as honey”.

508. Melody: of Greek origin, means “song”.

509. Mencia: hypocoristic of “Clemency”, means “the indulgent one”.

510. Mérope: of Greek origin. It means “honey mask”.

511. Mia: of Hebrew origin, diminutive of Mary.

512. Micaela: from Hebrew, meaning “God is just”.

513. Michelle: from Hebrew, meaning “he who is like God”.

514. Mika: this original name is unisex. It is the abbreviation of Mikael, the name for Michael or Michael in Finnish. It means, “Who is like God?”. It also has Japanese origin and is formed by the words “mi”, which means “beauty” and “ka”, whose means is “smell” or “perfume”.

515. Mila: diminutive of Camilla, Kamilla and Milena.

516. Milan: unisex name of Hindu origin, meaning “union”.

517. Minerva: of mythological origin. The Romans adored the deity Minerva as the goddess of wisdom and arts.

518. Miranda: “Admirable woman”. Latin origin.

519. Mireya: of Latin or Provençal origin, meaning “to be amazed, to marvel”.

520. Mirta: Greek origin. It means “crown of myrtle”.

521. Moira: “Goddess of destiny”. Greek.

522. Mona: of Irish origin, means “small and noble”.

523. Monte: diminutive of Maria del Monte, comes from the Marian invocation of Our Lady of the Mount.

524. Montse: variant of Montserrat.

525. Morgan: This unisex name is of Welsh origin and means “shining ocean.

526. Morgana: of Celtic origin, the feminine of Morgan, means “lady of the sea.

527. Muna: from the Hebrew muna, meaning “desire”.

528. Muriel: Norman form of Mary, meaning “bright as the sea”.

Captivating Classics: Timeless Pretty Girls Names That Never Fade

Pretty Girls Names With N

529. Nadia: Russian origin. “Hope.”

530. Nadina: of Russian origin, means ‘hope’.

531. Nadira: name of Arabic origin, means ‘rare, precious’.

532. Nagore: of Basque origin, it means ‘goddess of vegetation’.

533. Nahid: of Arabic origin, means ‘lofty, star of Venus’.

534. Nahla: of Arabic origin, means ‘a drink of water’.

535. Nahya: of Basque origin, meaning ‘desire’ in Euskera.

536. Naiara: of Basque origin, it is the Basque form of Nájera.

537. Naima: of Arabic origin, meaning “to be satisfied, happy”.

538. Najwa: of Arabic origin, meaning “passionate”.

539. Nakia: of Arabic origin, meaning “pure”.

540. Nala: of African origin, it means “successful”.

541. Nana: of Hawaiian origin. “Name of a spring month, the name of a star”.

542. Nancy: from Hebrew, meaning “she who is full of grace”.

543. Naomi: Hebrew. “Pleasant.”

544. Nara: “Oak.” Japanese origin.

545. Narel: Australian. “She who comes from the sea”.

546. Naroa: of Basque origin, it means ‘abundant, calm’ in Basque.

547. Narumi: of Japanese origin, means ‘blooming beauty’.

548. Nashira: comes from Arabic. It means “bearer of good news or fortunate”.

549. Nastasia: abbreviation of Anastasia, means “resurrection.

550. Nasya: of Hebrew origin, means “miracle of God.

551. Natacha: of Latin origin, it is the Russian diminutive of Natalia, which means “relative to the birth”.

552. Nataly: of Latin origin, it means “born at Christmas”.

553. Nazareth: of Hebrew origin, it makes reference to the city of the same name.

554. Neda: of Slavic origin, meaning “born on Sunday”. 555.

555. Neftaliname of Hebrew origin which alludes to a biblical character known as “the wrestler”.

556. Nekane: Basque form of Dolores, which means “she who suffers”.

557. Nela: of Spanish origin. “God is with us”.

558. Nélida: short for Elena. Greek origin.

559. Nerea: of Greek origin, meaning ‘she who flows’.

560. Nereid: of Greek origin, means ‘daughter of Nereus’. It means ‘to sail’.

561. Nicolle: of Latin origin, means ‘she who leads the people to victory’.

562. Nidia: of Greek origin, the meaning of this name is “she who is sweet and kind”.

563. Nila: Latin origin. “Of the river Nile”.

564. Nilam: unisex name that means “blue gem”.

565. Nicky: it is the diminutive of Nicole and also of Nicolas.

566. Ninoska: of Russian origin, it means “courageous woman”.

567. Noa: Japanese origin. It means “love”.

568. Noel: unisex name of French origin that means “Christmas”.

569. Noor: of Arabic origin. It means ‘light’ or ‘brightness’.

570. Nora: Irish. Diminutive of Eleonora.

571. Nubia: name of Egyptian origin, meaning ‘golden’. It is a region that runs along the Nile.

572. Nuru: of Egyptian origin. “Born during the day”.

Innocent Allure: Adorable Girls Names for Your Little Darling

Pretty Girls Names With O

573. Oba: of African origin that in mythology means “Goddess who governed the rivers”.

574. Ocean: it is an original name, infrequent that refers to the ocean.

575. Oceana: of Greek origin, it means “ocean”.

576. Odele: of German origin. It means “rich”.

577. Odelia: of Hebrew origin, means “I will praise the Lord”.

578. Odessa: name of a Ukrainian city.

579. Odetta: of German origin, meaning “wealth”.

580. Odette: French variant of Odetta.

581. bb: of Germanic origin. “Woman who is the owner of considerable goods” or simply “fortunate woman”.

582. Odile: French variant of Otilia, meaning “prosperous in battle”.

583. Ophelia: it comes from the Greek and means “she who helps others.

584. Ofra: Hebrew. “The firstborn”.

585. Ohana: American name meaning: the gift of God’s grace.

586. Ohara: of Japanese origin, meaning “small field”.

587. Oihana: Basque name meaning “forest”.

588. Oishi: Japanese name, meaning “delicious”.

589. Oksana: Russian name of Hebrew origin, means “praise to God”.

590. Ola: of Scandinavian origin, meaning “ancestral”.

591. Olga: of Scandinavian origin Helga, derived in its Russian form Olga. It means “she who is invulnerable”.

592. Olalla: of Greek origin. “Well-spoken, well-spoken or eloquent”.

593. Olatz: Basque girl’s name that derives from the voice “olaz”, which means “the place of the forges or huts”.

594. Olena: from the Greek name Helene, which means “light” or “torch”.

595. Olenka: Russian variant of Olga.

596. Oli: this diminutive can refer to Oliver and Olivia, among others.

597. Olympia: variant of Olympia means “she who comes from Mount Olympus”.

598. Olinda: of Greek origin and its meaning is “wild fig”.

599. Olivia: Olive tree. Latin origin.

600. Olwen: name of Welsh origin which means “white footprints”.

601. Ona: Ona is a Basque adjective which means “good, good”.

602. Ondina: Latin name that means “small wave”.

603. Opal: Sanskrit. “Precious stone”.

604. Oriana: Latin origin. “Golden dawn”.

605. Ornella: means “flowering ash”.

606. Otilia: of German origin, means “prosperous in battle”.

607. Ottavia: Italian variant of Octavia.

608. Ovidia: feminine variant of Ovid, meaning “shepherd”.

609. Oyuki: of Japanese origin, meaning “snow queen”.

610. Ozara: of Hebrew origin, meaning “treasure, wealth.

Ethereal Essence: Pretty Girls Names with a Magical Touch

Pretty Girls Names With P And Q

611. Palm: Latin origin. “Palm tree.”

612. Palmira: name of Hebrew origin referring to palm trees.

613. Paloma: name of Latin origin, meaning “dove”.

614. Pamela: Greek. “Sweet”.

615. Pandora: name of Greek origin meaning “like all the gods”.

616. Panya: name of Egyptian origin meaning “mouse”.

617. Paola: name of Latin origin, Italian variant of the name Paula. It means “small, fragile”.

618. Paris: from Greek and means “the one who best helps”.

619. Pastora: name of Latin origin, feminine of Pastor. Its meaning is “she who feeds”.

620. Passover: name of Hebrew origin whose literal meaning is “to pass by”.

621. Shepherdess: name of Latin origin, feminine of Shepherd. It means “she who guides”.

622. Pat: it is the short form of Patrick or Patricia.

623. Patrice: this name is unisex. It is a variant of Patricia and Patrick.

624. Pau: it comes from Latin, it is a variant of Pablo in Catalan and of Paz in feminine.

625. Paulette: French variant of Paula.

626. Paulina: from Latin, variant of the name Paula.

627. Pax: English variant of Peace.

628. Peace: from the Latin “Pax” meaning “tranquility, calmness”.

629. Penelope: Greek origin. “Weaver”.

630. Pepa: hypocoristic of Josefa. It comes from Hebrew and means “God will add”.

631. Perdita: from Latin meaning “lost”. Its variant is Perdy.

632. Pearl: Latin origin.

633. Persephone: name of Greek origin that refers to the goddess of the same name in Greek mythology.

634. Petra: feminine voice of Peter. It comes from the Greek and means “stone”.

635. Petrona: variant of the name Petra.

636. Pia: feminine variant of Pius. It means “very devoted”.

637. Pietà: invocation of the Virgin Mary: Our Lady of Pity.

638. Piera: Italian form of the name Petra.

639. Pilar: refers to the Marian invocation of the Virgin of the Pillar.

640. Phoebe: name of Greek origin which means “radiance”. Its variant is Pheobe.

641. Phoenix: this unisex name refers to the immortal bird that appears in the Egyptian and Greek mythology.

642. Polonia: name of Greek origin, it comes from Apollonius.

643. Pompeii: name of Latin origin that means “lavish”. It refers to the city of Pompeii.

644. Portia: from Latin meaning “proposal”.

645. Puja: of Hindu or Sanskrit origin that means: “worship, prayer, prayer”.

646. Querina: Arabic. It means “generous”.

647. Queta: Diminutive of Enriqueta.

648. Quinn: it is a name of Irish, Celtic, and Gaelic roots. It means “wise” or “intelligent”. It is unisex.

Radiant Roses: Feminine and Pretty Girls Names Inspired by Flowers

Pretty Girls Names With The R

649. Rachel: variant of Rachel, of Hebrew origin.

650. Rain: it is an Anglo-Saxon name which means rain. Beautiful and poetic.

651. Raina: Germanic. It means “strong”.

652. Raisa: is of Hebrew and Yiddish origin, and its meaning is “rose”.

653. Raizel: Arabic. “Rose.”

654. Rania: of Arabic origin, meaning “lovely, beautiful, contented”.

655. Rashida: Arabic origin, means “sober, prudent”.

656. Rhea: of Greek origin. It means “flow”.

657. Rebecca: “sliding ribbon”. Hebrew origin.

658. Queen: of Latin origin. “She who reigns”.

659. 85: of Maori origin, meaning “sweet”.

660. René: it is a unisex name. It is of Latin origin, means “Born again”.

661. Reese: this unisex name means “passion” and “enthusiasm” and is of Welsh origin.

662. Remy: French variant of Remo. It was used for the masculine gender for the personage who founded the Roman Empire, but today it is unisex.

663. Reyes: unisex name allusive to the feast of the Epiphany. Although it is more frequent in women, it is also used in men.

664. Reyna: variant of the Latin Regina. Its meaning is “she who reigns”.

665. Rihana: of Arabic origin which means “sweet aroma of the flower of paradise”.

666. Rima: of Arabic origin meaning “white antelope”.

667. Rita: Latin. It means “ceremonious”.

668. Robbie: unisex name of Anglo-Saxon origin which is a diminutive of Robert or Roberta.

669. Robin: name of English origin considered the diminutive of Robert or Roberta. It is attributed a meaning of “illustrious”.

670. Roma: of Italian origin.

671. Romina: Arabic. “Covered with glory”.

672. Rosalinda: of Germanic origin. It means “glory”.

673. Rosary: generally it is for women, but there are countries where it is also used for men.

674. Roxana: Roxana is a hybrid name; it is a combination between the Latin Rosa and the Hebrew Hannah or Ana.

675. Rue: of German origin that means “famous”.

676. Rune: of Norwegian origin. “Powerful force”.

677. Ruth: Hebrew origin. “Friendship.”

Harmony in Names: Pretty Girls Names That Sound as Beautiful as They Look

Pretty Girl’s Names With S

678. Saba: of Arabic origin meaning “tomorrow”.

679. Sabik: of Arabic origin, meaning ‘the one who arrives first.

680. Sabina: of Latin origin, it means “of the country of the Sabines”.

681. Sabrina: Latin origin. It refers to the Severn river.

682. Sacha: of Russian origin. It means “defender”.

683. Sahar: of Arabic origin, means “to awaken”.

684. Sahara: “Of the desert”. Arabic.

685. Sahira: of Arabic origin, means “spring”.

686. Saida: from Arabic origin. “Happiness”.

687. Saiko: from Japanese origin, meaning “serene girl”.

688. Sakura: from Japanese origin, means “cherry blossom”.

689. Salma: of Arabic origin. It means “to be safe from everything, protected by God.

690. Salome: of Hebrew origin, it means “magnificent.

691. Samantha: of Hebrew origin, means “she who listens.

692. Samara: of Hebrew origin. It means “the protected of God”.

693. Samary: English variant of Samantha.

694. Sandra: of Greek origin, meaning “to drive away the enemy”.

695. Sandrine: of Greek origin, meaning “to turn away the enemy”.

696. Sandy: of Greek origin, meaning “protector or conqueror of men”.

697. Santana: this unisex name alludes to the meaning of meaning is “Saint” and “Ana”.

698. Saori: of Japanese origin, means “to bloom”.

699. Saril: of Latin origin. It means “current of the water”.

700. Sarisha: of Hindu origin, means “charming”.

701. Sasha: is a unisex name of Greek origin, means protector and is also the Russian diminutive of the name Alexander.

702. Savannah: of French origin, it means “plain without trees”.

703. Saya: of Japanese origin, it means “quick arrow”.

704. Scarlette: of French origin, means “red”.

705. Sephora: of Hebrew origin, means “bird”.

706. Selene: of Greek origin, means “the moon”.

707. Selma: “She who has peace”. Arabic.

708. Serena: of Latin origin, it means “calm”.

709. Sidney: it is an original and beautiful unisex name. It is of Old English origin and means “large meadow”.

710. Shadia: of Arabic origin, it means “precious voice”.

711. Shakira: of Arabic origin, it means “grateful”.

712. Shamila: of Arabic origin, meaning “pleasant and friendly”.

713. Shayla: Celtic origin. “Of the enchanted palace”. It is also a variant of Sheila.

714. Sharon: of Hebrew origin, means “fertile plain”.

715. Scheherazade: of Persian origin, it means “beautiful woman of the city”.

716. Sibyl: “She who has the gift of prophecy”. Greek.

717. Siena: English. Refers to the Italian city.

718. Sigrid: Norwegian. “Beautiful victory”.

719. Silvana: of Latin origin. It means “natural of the forest”.

720. Sira: “Goddess of the night and of the waters” and has Syrian origin.

721. Sol: this name comes from Latin and means “She who shines like the sun”, although it can also be a masculine name.

722. Sora: unisex name of Japanese origin that means “sky”.

723. Suri: suri means in Hebrew “princess”. Although it is also possible that its origin is Persian, and means “red rose”.

724. Suria: In Hinduism, Suria is the god of the Sun.

Soulful Elegance: Meaningful Pretty Girls Names for a Lifetime of Joy

Pretty Girls Names With T

725. Tabit: of Arabic origin.

726. Tabitha: derived from Aramaic tabìa, “gazelle”.

727. Tadea: of Aramaic origin. It means “brave heart”.

728. Tahira: of Arabic origin, means “chaste, pure”.

729. Tai: is a unisex name which means “big” in Chinese.

730. Tafne: ‘Goddess of light ‘. Egyptian origin

731. Thalia: ‘Flowering. Greek origin.

732. Talitha: of Aramaic origin. It means “little girl”.

733. Tamar: name of Hebrew origin that means “palm tree”.

734. Tamara: name of Hebrew origin, similar to Tamar.

735. Tania: Russian. “Fairy.”

736. Tara: of Hindu origin meaning “star”.

737. Tarasia: name of Greek origin meaning “to shake”.

738. Taresa: name of Basque origin, variant of Teresa.

739. Tasya: Russian variant of the name Anastasia.

740. Tatiana: Russian variant of the Latin name Taciana.

741. Tavia: of Latin origin. “Born on the eighth”.

742. Tayra: name of Scottish origin meaning “earth”.

743. Tea: of Greek origin. “Gift of God”.

744. Theba: name of Greek origin meaning “glory of God”.

745. Thecla: name of Greek origin, meaning “the glory of God”.

746. Teguise: frequent in the island of Lanzarote.

747. Telma: “Woman with will”. Greek origin.

748. Theodora: name of Greek origin that means “gift of God”.

749. Theodosia: variant of Theodora.

750. Theophila: name of Greek origin, feminine variant of Theophilus. It means “friend of God”.

751. Teresa: Greek origin and means “hunter”.

752. Tercia: name of Latin origin meaning “third”.

753. Tessa: English variant of the name Teresa.

754. Thaís: name of Greek origin which means “she who is beautiful”.

755. Thérèse: French name of the name Therese.

756. Thetys: name of Greek origin which means “the nurse”.

757. Tiara: name of Greek origin which means “crowned by laurels”.

758. Tiffany: English name of Christian origin which means “Epiphany”.

759. Tina: hypocoristic of names ending in “tub”. 760.

760. Tirsa: “Pleasant”. Hebrew.

761. Tiziana: name of Latin origin that means “defender”.

762. Tomasa: feminine voice of Tomás. It means “the twin sister”.

763. Toñi: diminutive of the name of Antonia, it means “beautiful as a flower”.

764. Tori: name of English origin which means “triumphant”.

765. Toni: it comes from the Greek anthos which means “flower”. Diminutive of Antonio and Antonia.

766. Trinidad: it is a name of Latin origin that alludes to the religious mystery of the Holy Trinity. It is generally feminine, but can also be masculine.

767. Tyler: it comes from the surname Taylor and means “tile maker”.

Glamour and Grace: Stylish and Pretty Girls Names for the Fashionable

Pretty Girl’s Names With U And V

768. Udiya: Hebrew. “Fire of God.”

769. Ukara: Japanese origin, means “morning dew”.

770. Ula: name of Celtic origin meaning “jewel of the sea”.

771. Uliana: Russian variant of Juliana.

772. Uma: “Nation”. Hebrew origin.

773. Umay: of Turkish origin, means “hope”.

774. Unna: name of Germanic origin, means “woman”.

775. Vala: Germanic. “Chosen one”.

776.Valentina: Means “healthy, strong”. Latin origin.

777. Valeria: Latin origin. “Brave.”

778. Vega: Arabic origin. “Constellation.

779. Vera: Latin. “True”.

Pretty Girls Names From W To Z

780.Wade: unisex name of Anglo-Saxon origin which means “ford of a river”.

781.Wendy: it is the English hypocoristic of Gwendolin, it means “the one of the white eyelashes”.

782.Wila: of Hawaiian origin, meaning “faithful”.

783.Winona: American origin. “The first-born”.

784. Xana: “Of blond hair”. Greek.

785. Xandra: “Defender of humanity”. Greek origin.

786. Xia: of Chinese origin. “Radiance of sunset or sunrise”.

787. Xiang: name of Chinese origin which is generally feminine and means “to fly or fortunate”. It can also be masculine and come from the river Xiang.

788. Xue: it is a name of Chinese origin that means “snow”.

789. Yael: unisex name of Hebrew origin that means “mountain goat”.

790. Yara: of Tupi origin and means ‘The Lady’.

791. Yilda: of Celtic origin meaning “the one who serves God” 792.

792. Yoana: “God is good”. Hebrew.

793. Yvonne: Celtic. Means “yew tree”.

794. Zana: of Persian origin. “Woman.”

795. Zaniah: meaning ‘beautiful’ and is of Arabic origin.

796. Zelda: of Germanic origin meaning ‘having gray hair’.

797. Zoé: Greek. “Life.”

798. Zohar: meaning “Light, brightness” in Hebrew.

799. Zumar: a name of Basque origin meaning “elm”. It can be unisex.

800. Zuri: name of Basque origin which means white.

Whispering Winds: Delicate and Pretty Girls Names with a Gentle Presence

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