The 48 most beautiful American female names

48 most beautiful American female names: Check out a selection of the most beautiful American feminine names for girls. They are popular, rare, different, chic, and with splendid meanings, for you to get inspired and know a little more about the origin of each one of them!

The 48 most beautiful American female names
The 48 most beautiful American female names

Popular American female names

  1. Mary

The beautiful female name Mary is one of the most common names around the world for girls. It is the English version of the biblical name Mary, which has Hebrew origins and means “sovereign lady”, “seer” and “the pure one”. It is the sixth most common name in the United States of America.

  1. Jennifer

Beautiful and stately, the feminine name Jennifer has English and Celtic origins. It presents the meanings of “white and soft”, “white spirit” and “white wave”. In Brazil, we can find numerous variations of this name, like Jenifer, Jennifer, and Jenyfer.

  1. Elizabeth

A historical name and of extreme importance to British royalty, Elizabeth came from the Hebrew Elishebba and means “God is abundance” or “my God is an oath”.

  1. Susan

One of the most common names for girls in the United States and England, the name Susan is a version of the most popular name in Brazil, Susana. These names have origins in Hebrew and mean “lily”, “lily”, “lily” or “purity”.

  1. Sarah

Sarah was the name of Abraham’s wife, a character from the Old Testament of the Christian Bible. This beautiful feminine name originates from Hebrew and has the meanings of “daughter of the king”, “princess”, “lady” and “maiden”.

  1. Karen

The imposing female name Karen arises from the same root as the name Catarina, which is more popular in Brazil. These two names originate from Greek and mean “pure” and “chaste”.

  1. Ashley

A name that arose from Old English and is very popular in the United States is Ashley. It features the historic meanings of “ash wood” and “the one who clears through the ash tree”.

  1. Kimberly

Kimberley is a name of toponymic origin. According to English language studies, it originated in the town of Kimberley in South Africa. This beautiful and imposing feminine name has the meanings of “belonging to royalty” or “of the royal prairie”.

Rare American female names

  1. Imogen

A rare name around the world, but present especially in countries that have English as an official language, Imogen came from the Celtic name Innogen. It means “maiden”.

  1. Ida

A short, delicate, and rare name around the world, Ida has Germanic origins and has the meaning of “worker”.

  1. Orla

In Portuguese, the name Orla makes a literal reference to the strip of land that surrounds a portion of water. As a first name, however, Orla comes from Irish and means “golden princess”.

  1. Inaya

A name of Arabic origin, but which also has a certain amount of records in the United States is Inaya. In Arabic, Inaya means “care” and “concern”.

  1. Alba

Although more common in Brazil, the name Alba is considered rare in other parts of the world. From Latin, it means “Alva”, “very white” or “dawn”.

  1. Billie

Billie is a neutral American name, meaning it can be used for both girls and boys. It means “determination” or “strength”. However, it is also considered a diminutive version of the Germanic name William.

  1. Viola

The beautiful feminine name Viola came from Latin and means “violet”. It can also make direct reference to the musical instrument that bears the same name in Portuguese. It is a rare name around the world but is gaining popularity through actress Viola Davis.

  1. Tess

Short and delicate, the feminine name Tess is a diminutive version of the name of Greek origin Thereza. They arise from Therasia, which means “native of Tera”, “end of summer” or “spoon”.

  1. Linnea

Linnea is a rare female name of Swedish and Scandinavian origin that features the meaning of “lemon tree”.

  1. Aine

A short name of Irish origin, Aine means “bright” or “happiness”. Despite being a common Irish female name, it may be considered rare in the United States.

Chic American female names

  1. Harper

Harper was already a very popular surname in countries that have English as their official language and, in the last two decades, it has started to appear as a female first name. This name makes direct reference to the musical instrument known as the “harp” and means “one who plays the harp”.

  1. Charlotte

Charlotte is an imposing and beautiful feminine name that is very successful in the United States for its elegance. It is the French version of the name Carlota and the diminutive of the name Carla. Charlotte means “woman”, “woman of the people” or “free woman”.

  1. Emma

The charming feminine name Emma arises from the Germanic word Ermen, meaning “all” and “universal”. Initially, it was a nickname for people who had names beginning with Ermin or Yrmin, such as Ermintrude or Irmingard. It was also short for names beginning with Em, such as Emmeline.

  1. Sophia

Also a popular name in Brazil, Sophia comes from Greek and has the beautiful meanings of “wisdom” and “divine wisdom”.

  1. Olivia

Olivia is a Spanish name, derived from the Latin oliva, which literally means “olive”. In Brazil, it is more common to find it in its accented version, Olívia. In countries where English is the official language, it is considered a very elegant name.

  1. Mia

Short, delicate, and very elegant, the feminine name Mia presents many possibilities of origin and, as a consequence, many meanings associated with it, such as “starfish”, “mine” and “who is like God?”.

  1. Evelyn

Beautiful, delicate, and with many possibilities of fantastic meanings, the feminine name Evelyn is quite popular in Anglophone countries, that is, countries that have English as their official language. It has the meanings “apple”, “hazelnut”, “desired” or “island”.

  1. Hannah

One of the most popular Hebrew names for girls, the name Hannah has the same root as the Portuguese name Ana. It means “favor”, “grace” or “gracious woman”.

  1. Madelyn

Madelyn is a French variant of Magdalene, a name of Greek origin meaning “inhabitant of the Tower of God” or “she who lives in Magdala”. It is considered a very charming and elegant name for girls in the United States.

  1. Scarlett

An imposing and very popular name in the United States since the early 20th century, Scarlett originates from Old English and means “of the Colour Red”, “brave” and “strong”.

Different American female names

  1. Aisling

The different female name Aisling is pronounced as “Ash-ling”. It is a popular and different name of Irish origin that carries the meanings of “dream” and “vision”.

  1. Alya

Alya is a different feminine name that appears in several languages, including Arabic, Greek, Slavic, and Hebrew. Thus, it also has many meanings associated with it, such as “heaven”, “paradise”, “to ascend” and “beautiful”.

  1. Roisin

Delicate and with a very charming meaning, the name Roisin has Irish origins and means “little rose” or “rosy”. In Ireland, it is pronounced as “Ro-sheen”.

  1. Sigrid

The beautiful and imposing name Sigrid originates from the Nordic language, the Germanic language that gave rise to the Scandinavian languages. It has the meaning of “righteous victory”.

  1. Maja

The different female name Maja is the Scandinavian and Slovenian version of the Arabic-origin name Maia. Some meanings associated with it are “splendid”, “great”, “mother” and “illusion”.

  1. Tara

The different name Tara originates from Sanskrit and Gaelic. It means “hill” or “star”. Although it is considered a neutral name, it is found especially for girls in countries that have English as an official language. The meaning hill refers to the Hill of Tara, located in Ireland.

  1. Fay

A name that was once very popular in the United States and is making a strong comeback for girls is the delicate Fay. This is a name of English origin that has the delicate meaning of “fairy”.

  1. Ginevra

The different female name Ginevra is an Italian variant of Guinevere. This name means “white shadow” or “white wave” and can be found especially in Italy and the United States.

  1. Signe

In Norse mythology, Signe was the twin sister of the character Sigmund. This beautiful and different female name emerged from Scandinavian and features the imposing meaning of “new victory”.

  1. Aoife

The different female name Aoife has Irish origins and can be found in the United States, Ireland, and England. It has the beautiful meanings of ‘beautiful’ and ‘radiant’.

Older American female names

  1. Ava

This beautiful and elegant old female name gained popularity in the United States through the rise of actress Ava Gardner. Ava is a variant of the Hebrew origin name Eva and means “the one who lives”, “the living one” or “the one who has life”.

  1. Annmarie

An English version of the compound name Ana Maria, Annmarie has already made much success as a female name in the United States. It features the meanings of “sovereign lady full of grace”, “gracious seer” and “pure woman full of grace”.

  1. Bridget

The elegant feminine name Bridget arises from the Irish Brighid. A variation of this name was popularised in the 1950s in the United States through actress Brigitte Bardot. Bridget means “exalted” or “elevated”.

  1. Donna

With imposing meanings, the name Donna originates from Latin and means “lady”, “woman”, “the most powerful in the world” or “the one who rules the world”.

  1. Colleen

The beautiful and different female name Colleen has Irish origins and simply means “girl”. It was once most popular in the United States during the early 20th century and has been gaining more popularity in the last decade.

  1. Edith

The beautiful female name Edith came from the Old English Eadgyth. It features the beautiful meaning of “happy warrior”.

  1. Ethel

The feminine name Ethel originates from the Old English element aether, meaning “noble”. By extension, it also presents the meaning of “honorable”.

  1. Gertrude

Very popular for girls in the early 20th century, the name Gertrude has the meanings of “she who loves the spear”, “she who is intimate with the spear”, “strong in the handling of the spear” or “spear of strength”

  1. Gladys

The feminine name Gladys presents the same root as the Portuguese name Claudia, Gwladys. Gladys is a name of Gallic origin that presents many possibilities of meanings, such as “lame”, “lame”, “country”, “rule” and “princess”.

  1. Hilda

A strong female name of Germanic origin, Hilda was once very popular in English-speaking countries and lost some popularity throughout the 20th century. It means “the fighter” or “the warrior”.

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