104 Italian surnames in brazil: discover the origin and meaning

Check out a list of the most common Italian surnames in Brazil and in the world, and some that are not very well known.

104 Italian surnames in brazil: discover the origin and meaning
104 Italian surnames in brazil: discover the origin and meaning

Italian surnames in brazil

  1. Rossi

As a surname that is also quite popular in Italy, it came from the Latin russet, Russian, Russum, meaning “reddish”, or “red”. It, therefore, gains, by extension, the sense of “reddish hair” or “reddish skin”.

Its highest incidence is in northern Italy, specifically. Some variants of it are Russo and Rosso.

Two famous personalities who carry it are Father Marcelo Rossi and singer Reginaldo Rossi.

  1. Bernardi

With some possible origins, this surname may have come from both the Latin Bernardus or Bernardinus, and the Germanic Baerhard, which are related to the name Bernard, which is Bernardo in Portuguese.

This title itself is formed by the junction of the elements ber, which means “bear”, and hart, which means “strong”, which means “strong as a bear”.

Famous personalities who have it are the actress Paloma Bernardi and the writer Tati Bernardi.

  1. De Luca

As a surname that derives from the first name Luca, which is an Italian variant of the Latin name Lucas, it can have the meaning of “son of Luca”.

Luca/Lucas originates from the Greek Loukás and Loukanos, meaning “from Lucania” or “Lucanian”. Loukanos originated from root-like, luk, and Luc, and means “one who brings light”, “luminous”, and “bright”.

So the surname can also mean, “son of the one who comes from Lucania”, “son of the one who brings light”, or “son of the luminous”. A well-known personality who carries it is the presenter Bruno de Luca.

  1. Lombardi

With more than one possible origin, this surname may be toponymic, coming from a region of Italy called Lombardia.

Another theory says that it came from the Lombards, a Germanic people who settled in Italy and created the Lombard Kingdom. The surname would gain the meaning of “man with a long beard”.

A well-known actor who has it is Rodrigo Lombardi.

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  1. Fontana

Being a surname that derives from the Latin word fons, it means “source”. It is likely that it arose as a nickname for people who lived near fountains, so it also takes the sense of “one who lives near a fountain”.

A well-known person who carries it is the model Isabeli Fontana.

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  1. Valente

A very common surname in Italy, in Galicia (a region of Spain), and in Brazil. It is a beautiful surname that carries the meaning of “brave” or “brave”.

  1. Ferrari

It is in the third place of the most popular surnames in Italy, particularly widespread in the north.

Having derived from the Latin Ferraris, Ferrum, it means “iron”, and also related to the profession of blacksmith or metalworker, it means “blacksmith”, or “one who works with iron”.

An Italian historical personality who possesses it is the entrepreneur Enzo Ferrari, founder of the Ferrari car factory.

  1. Esposito

In the fourth position of the most loved in Italy, this surname is associated with children who were left by their biological parents for adoption, in the so-called wheel of the exposed (a revolving cylindrical wheel where the abandoned baby was placed).

It has an Italian origin and means “exposed” or “exposed for the protection of the Madonna (Virgin Mary)”.

A famous actress with this surname is Jennifer Esposito.

  1. Bianchi

Occupying the fifth position as the most popular surname in Italy, Bianchi features a light and beautiful sound.

Derived from the first name Branca, it means ‘white’, ‘target’, and ‘candid’.

It is related to a physical characteristic (very pale hair or skin) or even to regions with white houses (being toponymic).

  1. Roman

As a toponymic surname, that is, related to a place, it means “inhabitant of Rome” or “he who was born in Rome”.

It was created to title the natives of Rome. It is quite popular in central and southern Italy, reaching approximately 17,691 families.

  1. Ricci

This surname presents some probable origins, the most common is that it arose from the Italian word Riccio, which means “curly”, and “curly”, also meaning “one who presents curly hair”.

Another theory says it may have derived from medieval proper names, such as Ricciarellus.

A famous actress who carries this surname is Christina Ricci.

  1. Bellini

An Italian surname that has two possible endings: patronymic or the plural of Bellino, meaning “beautiful”.

Noble and chic Italian surnames

In this section, we have separated surnames that are chic and linked to nobility and royalty.

  1. Lancellotti

This surname belongs to an Italian noble family that arrived in Rome in the 15th century. Even the Lancellotti Palace, is an estate of theirs.

Possibly derived from the proper name Lancelot, it has an unknown meaning. This title became well known with one of the Knights of the Round Table, in the story of King Arthur.

A well-known personality who has this surname is actress, Giovanna Lancellotti.

  1. Savoia

No more chic and noble than this Italian surname! It was carried by one of the oldest noble families in Europe.

There is the possibility of it being toponymic, from place names containing the word Savoia, for example, Verruca Savoia, in Turin.

  1. Gonzaga

This surname, which is also common in Brazil, belongs to an Italian noble family, known as the Gonzaga of Mantua.

It is likely to be of toponymic origin, from a region of Italy that is called Gonzaga.

Famous personalities who bear it are the singer Luiz Gonzaga and the instrumentalist Chiquinha Gonzaga.

  1. Collalto

Another noble surname comes from a family of Lombard origin, where the first documented member appears in Italian history in 958 or 959.

Its meaning is unknown, it probably has a toponymic origin, from a region of Italy of the same name, in the province of Rieti.

Rare, different or unknown Italian surnames

In this division are found the surnames that are more unknown or rare both in Italy and in Brazil.

  1. Galaretto

As a rather rare surname in Italy, it is carried by approximately 46 families.

Its origin is not known for certain, it is estimated to be toponymic, from a region of Italy of the same name, which is near Cerreto d’Asti in Piedmont.

  1. Vacchiano

Another unknown surname in Italy, which features only about 205 families that have it, it came from Spanish.

It derives from Old Spanish Baquiano, a term that was given by the Spaniards first to the natives of the Antilles and then to the natives of certain regions of Italy.

It means “connoisseur of paths, routes”, “guide of places”, and “expert of the territory”.

  1. Caccini

Another rather rare surname in Italy, it reached approximately 18 families, getting its highest concentration in the Milan region.

It may derive from a medieval Italian name which is Caccino, a diminutive of Caco.

It is not known for certain what Caco means, only that it is the name of the son of the Roman god of fire, Vulcan.

  1. Macerata

This surname, which is typically Jewish, originated in Italy from Spanish Sephardim, with about 44 families bearing it.

It is probably toponymic, arising because of the province of Macerata, located further north.

  1. Pagano

A more unknown Italian surname, meaning “village dweller”. It originates from the proper name Pagano.

Beautiful old Italian surnames

Meet some Italian surnames that are very beautiful and quite old.

  1. Panazzolo

A common surname in Italy and Brazil. Its meaning is linked to paternity, so it is a patronymic surname.

  1. Santoro

A common surname in southern Italy, with the meaning associated with someone born on “All Saints’ Day”.

Famous in Brazil for their name: the actor Rodrigo Santoro.

  1. Pellegrini

A beautiful and noble surname that originates from the region of the islands of Sicily. It is a surname that means “pilgrim” or “foreigner”.

  1. Greco

A surname with two possible endings: one associated with origin, people coming from Greece, and the other referring to a characteristic, intelligent person.

  1. Gallo

An Italian surname that has its meaning linked to southern Italy, where there are many places with the name “Gallo”, as an example: Gallo Matese.

  1. Silvestri

There are two possibilities for this surname. One of them is in the origin, being therefore a patronymic. The other origin is in the plural form of Silvestro.

  1. Benedetti

This classic surname originates from the word Benito, which is the Italian form of Bento, meaning “blessed person”.

  1. Mazza

A surname that has the meaning associated with a profession: tool maker. Mazza can mean hammer.

  1. Giuliani

A fairly traditional Italian surname that has a patronymic origin.

  1. Rizzi

A surname with the patronymic form of Rizzo.

  1. Basile

An ancient Italian surname from southern Italy, derived from the medieval Greek Basilis. Variant forms: Basil and Bazelle.

  1. Neri

A very common surname in the Tuscany region. Originates from the first name Raineri.

  1. Romeo

Originating from the first name Romeo. Someone who made a pilgrimage to the region of Rome.

More Italian last names

  1. Sorrentino

A very common name in southern Italy, directly related to the region of Sorrento, being in the adjectival form: Sorrentino.

  1. Ferrara

This surname is the Italian version of the Portuguese surname Ferreira. Very popular, it is carried by about 9500 families.

It may have arisen both from the medieval term Ferrari and from the Latin ferrum, meaning “iron” and by extension taking the sense of “blacksmith”, “the one who works with iron”.

  1. Fabiani

Being a surname probably originated from the Latin Fabianus, which also gave origin to the proper name Fabiano, this being a relative form of Fabio.

Fabius comes from the Latin Fabius, derived from the word fab, which literally means “bean”. This is a kind of plant that represented luck and prosperity to the Romans.

The surname may gain the meaning of “endowed with luck and prosperity”, “relating to Fabius”, or “of the nature of the fava bean”.

  1. Fabbri

This surname is very close to the surname Ferrara, like several that begin with the letter F.

Occupying position 46 of the most popular names in Italy, it has reached about 8100 families.

Arising from the Latin faber, it means “maker”, or “craftsman”.

  1. Farina

The sound of this surname is not strange, is it? It reminds us of the word flour.

Even the meaning is connected to it. Derived from the Italian word farina, it means “flour”.

Being related to an ancient profession that aimed at milling cereals, especially wheat, called miller, it also means “the one who works grinding wheat”, or “the one who works at the mill”.

  1. Fiore

Besides being popular, this surname carries a beautiful meaning linked to nature.

It has some possible origins, arising from the Italian noun fiore, meaning “flower”, and “beautiful like a flower”. Being toponymic, it may have derived from places that have the root fior.

Approximately 6400 families bear this surname.

  1. Colombo

Very popular in Italy, being in the top 10 of the most popular surnames, it comes from the Italian word Colomba, which means “dove”.

This bird symbolizes peace, harmony, purity, and hope, great characteristics for a surname to bear.

A historical Italian personality who has it is the navigator Christopher Columbus.

  1. Coppola

You may have heard or read somewhere about this Italian surname. It ranks 37 on the list of the most popular surnames in Italy.

It originates from the Italian word coppola, which refers to a traditional Sicilian cap that looks like a beret. It can also refer to the people who wore this prop.

Meaning “cap”, “one who wears coppola”. Famous personalities who carry it are filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola and screenwriter Sofia Coppola.

  1. Conti

Occupying the thirteenth position of the most popular in Italy, this surname has its uncertain origins.

It is likely to have arisen from the Italian word conti, meaning “accounts”, which may also relate to people who look after accounts, such as accountants.

  1. Caruso

Also being loved by Italians, it has reached about 9600 families, even being known in Brazil.

Coming from the Sicilian dialect Caruso, it means “boy”, or “young man”.

Famous personalities who bear it are the Brazilian actor Marcos Caruso, the American actor David Caruso, and the comedian Fernando Caruso.

  1. Carbone

As a popular surname in Italy, mainly in the south, it features approximately 7100 families carrying it.

It originates from the Italian word carbon, which means “coal”, referring to people who sell or extract coal.

List: 104 Italian surnames in brazil

  1. Moretti
  2. Luvizzoto
  3. Russo
  4. Regio
  5. Marino
  6. Wolf
  7. Slab
  8. Bruno
  9. Mancini
  10. Costa
  11. Giordano
  12. Rizzo
  13. Tarantino
  14. Seramin
  15. Cantu
  16. Milanesi
  17. Milan
  18. Milani
  19. Lucchese
  20. Orphan
  21. Lucchesi
  22. Jilani
  23. Napolitano
  24. Cremonesi
  25. Fiorentino
  26. Trentino
  27. Calabrese
  28. Revello
  29. Reviello
  1. Cattaneo
  2. Marchesi
  3. Pugliesi
  4. Toscano
  5. Sicilian
  6. Beneventi
  7. Barese
  8. Bergamaschi
  9. Trevisano
  10. Barbieri
  11. Gentile
  12. Grassi
  13. Cremonesi
  14. From
  15. Galli
  16. Leone
  17. Martini
  18. Martinelli
  19. Monti
  20. Grasso
  21. Marini
  22. Franco
  23. Rossetti
  24. Wells
  25. Montanari
  26. Sartori
  27. Donati
  28. Basso
  29. Spinelli

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