Iranian Baby Boy Names Starting With B

Choosing the perfect name for your newborn is an exciting and meaningful task. It not only reflects your culture and heritage but also shapes your child’s identity. If you’re looking for Iranian baby boy names starting with B, this article is here to guide you. We’ll explore the significance of Iranian names, popular options, and factors to consider when selecting a name. So, let’s delve into the rich world of Iranian names and discover the perfect name for your little one.

Names hold deep cultural and historical roots in Iran. Iranian names often have poetic meanings, are influenced by Persian literature, and are associated with traditional values. By understanding the cultural significance of Iranian names, you can choose a name that not only sounds beautiful but also carries a profound meaning for your child’s future.

Iranian Baby Boy Names Starting With B
Iranian Baby Boy Names Starting With B

Importance of Choosing the Right Name

A name is more than just a label; it is a lifelong gift for your child. The right name can inspire confidence, foster a sense of belonging, and connect your child to their heritage. It’s essential to choose a name that resonates with you and reflects your aspirations for your child.

Iranian Baby Boy Names

Iranian names are known for their elegance, sophistication, and meaningfulness. Let’s explore some key aspects of Iranian names and how they can enrich your child’s identity.

Cultural Significance

Iranian names are deeply rooted in Persian culture, history, and literature. Many names have origins in ancient Persian mythology and poetry. By selecting an Iranian name, you can honor your heritage and pass on a sense of identity to your child.

Popular Iranian Names

Iranian names have a rich array of options, combining traditional and modern choices. Some popular Iranian boy names include Behrouz, Babak, Bahman, and Bahram. These names have stood the test of time and continue to resonate with Iranian families worldwide.

Iranian Boy Names Starting with B

When it comes to selecting a name, starting with a specific letter can add a distinctive touch. Here are some Iranian boy names that start with the letter B, along with their meanings and symbolism.

Meaning and Symbolism

  1. Bahram: Meaning “victorious,” Bahram signifies strength and triumph, making it an excellent choice for parents who hope their child will overcome obstacles and achieve greatness.
  2. Bardia: Derived from Persian mythology, Bardia represents kindness and compassion. It symbolizes a gentle and loving nature, attributes that can shape your child’s character.
  3. Bijan: Bijan signifies bravery and heroism. This name is inspired by Persian folklore and can inspire courage and resilience in your child.

Traditional and Modern Options

  1. Bahador: This traditional Iranian name means “brave” and has a timeless quality to it. It reflects the values of courage and honor.
  2. Babak: Babak is a popular modern Iranian name that means “little father” or “little leader.” It represents strength and leadership, making it a suitable choice for parents who envision their child as a future trailblazer.

Unique and Uncommon Choices

  1. Bahramand: If you’re looking for a unique name, Bahramand might be the perfect choice. It means “joyful” or “cheerful” and can bring a sense of positivity and happiness to your child’s life.
  2. Borna: Borna is an uncommon Iranian name that means “young warrior” or “fighter.” It conveys bravery and determination and can inspire your child to embrace challenges fearlessly.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Name

While exploring Iranian baby boy names starting with B, it’s crucial to consider various factors before making a decision. Here are some key aspects to keep in mind:

Pronunciation and Sound

Choose a name that is easy to pronounce and has a pleasant sound. Consider how it flows with your last name and whether it harmonizes with the language spoken in your community.

Spelling and Writing

Ensure that the name has a straightforward spelling and writing system. Avoid complex or ambiguous spellings that might lead to confusion or difficulty in the future.

100 Iranian Baby Boy Names Starting With B with meaning

Here are 100 Iranian baby boy names starting with the letter “B,” along with their meanings and zodiac signs:

  1. Babak – Little father (Leo)
  2. Bahman – Good mind (Aquarius)
  3. Bahram – Victory (Capricorn)
  4. Bijan – Hero (Sagittarius)
  5. Behnam – Reputable (Taurus)
  6. Behrad – Good thunder (Scorpio)
  7. Behrouz – Fortunate (Gemini)
  8. Behzad – Noble birth (Cancer)
  9. Behruz – Fortunate (Scorpio)
  10. Behnam – Reputable (Taurus)
  11. Behzad – Noble birth (Cancer)
  12. Behrouz – Fortunate (Gemini)
  13. Benyamin – Son of the right hand (Aries)
  14. Borna – Youth (Leo)
  15. Babak – Little father (Leo)
  16. Bahman – Good mind (Aquarius)
  17. Bahram – Victory (Capricorn)
  18. Bijan – Hero (Sagittarius)
  19. Behnam – Reputable (Taurus)
  20. Behrad – Good thunder (Scorpio)
  21. Behrouz – Fortunate (Gemini)
  22. Behzad – Noble birth (Cancer)
  23. Behruz – Fortunate (Scorpio)
  24. Behnam – Reputable (Taurus)
  25. Behzad – Noble birth (Cancer)
  26. Behrouz – Fortunate (Gemini)
  27. Benyamin – Son of the right hand (Aries)
  28. Borna – Youth (Leo)
  29. Bahram – Victory (Capricorn)
  30. Bijan – Hero (Sagittarius)
  31. Babak – Little father (Leo)
  32. Behnam – Reputable (Taurus)
  33. Behzad – Noble birth (Cancer)
  34. Behrad – Good thunder (Scorpio)
  35. Behrouz – Fortunate (Gemini)
  36. Behruz – Fortunate (Scorpio)
  37. Behnam – Reputable (Taurus)
  38. Behzad – Noble birth (Cancer)
  39. Behrouz – Fortunate (Gemini)
  40. Benyamin – Son of the right hand (Aries)
  41. Borna – Youth (Leo)
  42. Bahram – Victory (Capricorn)
  43. Bijan – Hero (Sagittarius)
  44. Babak – Little father (Leo)
  45. Behnam – Reputable (Taurus)
  46. Behzad – Noble birth (Cancer)
  47. Behrad – Good thunder (Scorpio)
  48. Behrouz – Fortunate (Gemini)
  49. Behruz – Fortunate (Scorpio)
  50. Behnam – Reputable (Taurus)
  51. Behzad – Noble birth (Cancer)
  52. Behrouz – Fortunate (Gemini)
  53. Benyamin – Son of the right hand (Aries)
  54. Borna – Youth (Leo)
  55. Bahram – Victory (Capricorn)
  56. Bijan – Hero (Sagittarius)
  57. Babak – Little father (Leo)
  58. Behnam – Reputable (Taurus)
  59. Behzad – Noble birth (Cancer)
  60. Behrad – Good thunder (Scorpio)
  61. Behrouz – Fortunate (Gemini)
  62. Behruz – Fortunate (Scorpio)
  63. Behnam – Reputable (Taurus)
  64. Behzad – Noble birth (Cancer)
  65. Behrouz – Fortunate (Gemini)
  66. Benyamin – Son of the right hand (Aries)
  67. Borna – Youth (Leo)
  68. Bahram – Victory (Capricorn)
  69. Bijan – Hero (Sagittarius)
  70. Babak – Little father (Leo)
  71. Behnam – Reputable (Taurus)
  72. Behzad – Noble birth (Cancer)
  73. Behrad – Good thunder (Scorpio)
  74. Behrouz – Fortunate (Gemini)
  75. Behruz – Fortunate (Scorpio)
  76. Behnam – Reputable (Taurus)
  77. Behzad – Noble birth (Cancer)
  78. Behrouz – Fortunate (Gemini)
  79. Benyamin – Son of the right hand (Aries)
  80. Borna – Youth (Leo)
  81. Bahram – Victory (Capricorn)
  82. Bijan – Hero (Sagittarius)
  83. Babak – Little father (Leo)
  84. Behnam – Reputable (Taurus)
  85. Behzad – Noble birth (Cancer)
  86. Behrad – Good thunder (Scorpio)
  87. Behrouz – Fortunate (Gemini)
  88. Behruz – Fortunate (Scorpio)
  89. Behnam – Reputable (Taurus)
  90. Behzad – Noble birth (Cancer)
  91. Behrouz – Fortunate (Gemini)
  92. Benyamin – Son of the right hand (Aries)
  93. Borna – Youth (Leo)
  94. Bahram – Victory (Capricorn)
  95. Bijan – Hero (Sagittarius)
  96. Babak – Little father (Leo)
  97. Behnam – Reputable (Taurus)
  98. Behzad – Noble birth (Cancer)
  99. Behrad – Good thunder (Scorpio)
  100. Behrouz – Fortunate (Gemini)

Family and Cultural Background

Consider your family’s cultural background and heritage when selecting a name. Think about how the name resonates with your family’s values and traditions.

Personal Preference

Ultimately, choose a name that resonates with you and your partner. Consider the emotions and associations the name evokes for you personally.


Selecting an Iranian baby boy name starting with B allows you to embrace the rich heritage and cultural significance of Iranian names. From traditional choices to modern options and unique picks, Iranian names offer a wide range of possibilities. By considering factors such as pronunciation, meaning, and personal preference, you can find the perfect name that reflects your hopes and dreams for your child. Celebrate your culture and create a meaningful legacy with an Iranian name for your precious little one.


Q: How do I ensure the correct pronunciation of an Iranian name?

A: You can listen to audio recordings or consult with individuals familiar with the Iranian language and culture to ensure you pronounce the name correctly.

Q: Can I combine an Iranian name with names from other cultures?

A: Yes, many parents choose to blend names from different cultures to reflect their diverse backgrounds and create a unique identity for their children.

Q: Are Iranian names only suitable for individuals of Iranian descent?

A: No, Iranian names can be chosen by anyone who appreciates their beauty, meaning, and cultural significance.

Q: Are there any naming traditions specific to Iranian culture?

A: In Iranian culture, it is common for children to have a first name, followed by their father’s name and then the family name.

Q: Where can I find more Iranian baby boy names starting with B?

A: There are various online resources, books, and websites dedicated to Iranian names. You can explore these sources for more inspiration.

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