Top 500+ English Last Names (2024)

First names, English Last Names, or English surnames have been derived from places, immigrants, conquests, and more. There is, however, a unique history behind each of these English Last names. It also has references in Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and other regions of the United Kingdom.

Do you know there are more than thousands of English family names with well-defined meanings, histories, and stories? In this article, you will find a list of such Common English surnames along with their meanings.

Top 500+ English Last Names (2024)
Top 500+ English Last Names (2024)

English Last Names 2024

Below are the most popular last names for Boys and Girls in different countries, both today and historically.

English last names That Start With A

  • Appleton: apple town
  • Asheton: ash tree town
  • Ashley: Ash tree meadow
  • Ashton: ash tree town
  • Astley: east meadow
  • Atherton: Aethelhere’s town
  • Atterton: Powerful town
  • Axton: sword stone
  • Abelino: bird
  • Alan: Harmony
  • Acalan: immovable
  • Alejandro: Defender Of The People
  • Alonzo: Noble
  • Alfonzo: Ready for a fight
  • Alvaro: Guardian
  • Amador: lover
  • Ángel: Messenger Of God
  • Antonio: Highly praiseworthy
  • Arturo: Bear
  • Alachua: sink
  • Atlanta: secure and immovable
  • Adams: Son of Adam
  • Allen: harmony
  • Anderson: son of Andrew
  • Armstrong: strong arms
  • Atkinson: red earth
  • Anderson: son of man
  • Awen: Muse
  • Alexander: Defender
  • Aba: Father
  • Abram: exalted father
  • Acker: field
  • Acton: The Oak Tree
  • Addington: delicious
  • Adley: God is just
  • Ainsley: one’s own meadow
  • Alby: village of alder trees
  • Allerton: village where alder-tress grow
  • Alston: noble stone
  • Altham: river meadow of the swans
  • Alton: old town
  • Anderton: brave settlement
  • Ansley: hermitage field
  • Anstey: one path

Common English surnames That Start With B

  • Bradley: broad wood
  • Brooks: stream
  • Brown: Brown haired
  • Burton: fort enclosure
  • Butler: the bottler
  • Bennett: blessed
  • Bryant: Son Of Brian
  • Bailey: berry clearing
  • Bailey: berry clearing
  • Baker: who bake
  • Ball: round one
  • Barker: a tanner of leather
  • Barnes: warrior
  • Bell: ringer
  • Bennett: blessed
  • Booth: small dwelling place

Unique English last names That Start With C

  • Camden: The Valley Of The Camps
  • Carlisle: from the walled city
  • Carlton: Peasants’ settlement
  • Cason: son of the marsh-dwellers
  • Charlton: settlement of free men
  • Chatham: From the soldier’s land
  • Chester: A Fortress
  • Churchill: hill of the church
  • Clapham: a hillock
  • Clare: bright
  • Clayden: Clay Hill
  • Clayton: place with good clay
  • Clifford: forged by a cliff
  • Clifton: A Town Near A Cliff
  • Clinton: Town On A Hill
  • Clive: Cliff
  • Colby: from a coal town
  • Colgate: charcoal gate
  • Colton: Cole’s Town
  • Compton: Short straight valley
  • Coombs: valley
  • Copeland: bought land
  • Cornish: joyful
  • Cotton: Cotton
  • Crawford: From The Crow Ford
  • Cromwell: winding stream
  • Cumberbatch: valley with a stream
  • Campbell: crooked
  • Carter: Cart driver
  • Chapman: marketman
  • Clarke: clerk
  • Cole: swarthy
  • Collins: holly
  • Cook: who cook
  • Cooper: Barrel Maker
  • Corbyn: a person with dark hair
  • Cox: rooster
  • Clark : scholar
  • Campbell: crooked mouth
  • Coleman: coal man
  • Caesar: Thick Head Of Hair
  • Cannes: south-east coast
  • Canoe: travel in or paddle a canoe
  • Carlos: Free Man
  • Chili: Cold
  • Chimalli: shield
  • Chihuahua: dry place
  • Chipahua: clean
  • Citlalee: star
  • Call: To speak
  • Cualli: Good
  • Cuetlachtli: wolf

Most common English surnames That Start With D

  • Darlington: Cheerful and a darling
  • Davenport: the town on the trickling stream
  • Dayton: Bright and sunny town
  • Deighton: Bright And sunny town
  • Denholm: Valley island
  • Denver: green valley
  • Digby: Farm by a ditch
  • Dryden: Dry Town
  • Dudley: From Dudda’s Meadow
  • Durham: hill
  • Davidson: beloved
  • Davies: son of David
  • Dawson: Son Of David
  • Dixon: son of Richard
  • Diaz: days
  • Davis: Son Of David
  • Dana: arbiter
  • Daniel: God is my judge
  • David: Beloved
  • Diego: Saint James
  • Dalton: From The Valley Town
  • Darby: deer

Popular English last names That Start With E

  • Evans: God has been gracious
  • Eduardo: Wealthy guardian
  • Edwards: prosperous guardian
  • Elliott: Bravely
  • Evans: God has been gracious

English surnames and meanings That Start With F

  • Ford: River crossing
  • Foster: One who keeps the forest
  • Fox: Wild Animal In Dog
  • Flores: flower
  • Fisher: one lived by fishing
  • Fletcher: arrow-maker
  • Fernando: Brave traveler
  • Francisco: Free

Rare English last names That Start With G

  • Gonzales: Son of Gonzalo
  • Griffin: Strong in faith
  • Gonzalez : Son of Gonzalo
  • Gabriel: God is my strength
  • Gerardo: spear courageous
  • Gibson: Gilbert’s son
  • Graham: grey home
  • Grant: Bestow
  • Gray: gray-haired
  • Green: Green color
  • Griffiths: strong lord
  • Garcia: young

Fancy English surnames That Start With H

  • Hailey: wise one
  • Hale: a nook
  • Hales: healthy
  • Haley: hay clearing
  • Hallewell: holy well
  • Halsey: Hal’s island
  • Hamilton: treeless hill
  • Hampton: homestead farm
  • Harlan: rocky land
  • Harley: hare’s meadow
  • Harlow: army hill
  • Harrington: Strong and powerful
  • Hartford: deer crossing
  • Hastings: Violent
  • Hayden: Fire
  • Hayes: fire
  • Hayhurst: enclosure made of trees
  • Hayley: wise one
  • Hazelton: settlement near hazel trees
  • Holton: farmstead by the wood
  • Home: From the cave
  • Hurley: Sea tide
  • Huxley: Hugh’s meadow
  • Hall: spacious house
  • Hamilton: treeless hill
  • Harris: son of Harry
  • Harrison: son of Harris
  • Harvey: Battle worthy
  • Henderson: Son of Henry
  • Hill: at the hill
  • Holmes: of the river sands
  • Howard: Heart Brave
  • Hughes: mind
  • Hunt: to hunt
  • Hunter: One Who Hunts
  • Hillan: of several hills
  • Hallow: sacred
  • Hernandez: Adventurous
  • Howardez: Heart Brave
  • Hender: old water
  • Hughes: intellect
  • Hayes: hedged area
  • Harris: son of Harry
  • Hedia: Echo Of God
  • Hackney: Hacca’s island
  • Hadlee: heather meadow
  • Hadleigh: heather meadow
  • Hadley: heather meadow

Rich English last names That Start With I

  • Ireland: Ireland
  • Ithaca: rugged island
  • Ichtaca: Secret
  • Ikal: spirit

Cool English surnames That Start With J

  • Johnson: son of John
  • Johnston: John’s town
  • Jones: John’s son
  • Jackson: son of Jack
  • James: Supplanter
  • Jenkins: little John

English last names rare That Start With K

  • King: Ruler
  • Knight: Noble or soldier
  • Kelly: Bright-headed
  • Kennedy: ugly head

Uncommon English surnames That Start With L

  • Langley: long meadow
  • Langston: long stone
  • Law: From the hill
  • Leighton: meadow town
  • Lester: Fortified place
  • Lincoln: pool colony
  • Linden: Lime tree
  • Lindsay: A lake
  • Lindsey: A lake
  • Lynn: Lake
  • Lee: Meadow
  • Lewis: renowned warrior
  • Lloyd: grey
  • Lawren: from Laurentium
  • Lewisen: lion-like
  • Leen: tender
  • Lopez: Son of Lope
  • Long: dragon
  • Lancaster: fort on the Lune river
  • Landon: From The Long Hill
  • Langdon: long hill

Medieval English last names That Start With M

  • Martinez: son of Martin
  • Manley: Manly
  • Marlee: marshy meadow
  • Marleigh: marshy meadow
  • Marley: pleasant wood
  • Marlowe: driftwood
  • Marston: From The Marsh Town
  • Merton: Settlement by a lake
  • Middleton: middle town
  • Milton: From The Mill Town
  • Morley: meadow on the moor
  • Morton: settlement by the moor
  • Myers: mayor
  • Marshall: horse servant
  • Martin: Of Mars
  • Mason: One who works with stone
  • Matthews: gift of Yahweh
  • Mcdonald: world ruler
  • Miller: Mill Worker
  • Mitchell: Gift from God
  • Moore: open land
  • Morgan: white sea dweller
  • Morris: dark-skinned
  • Morrison: Dark-skinned
  • Murphy: Descendant Of Sea Warrior
  • Murray: From the sea
  • Morris: swarthy

Good English surnames That Start With N

  • Neal: Champion
  • Newton: New town
  • Norris: Caretaker
  • Nelson: son of neil
  • Neol: birthday of the Lord
  • Negan: strong

Strong English last names That Start With O

  • Oberon: Noble Bear
  • Olan: ancestor
  • Oshea: A savior
  • Omal: soft
  • Owen: The Yew Tree
  • Olsen: Olaf’s son
  • Oliver: The olive tree
  • Onel: Love and prosperity

Weird English surnames That Start With P

  • Peterson: son of Peter
  • Patterson: son of Pate
  • Peyton: fighting-man’s estate
  • Pickering: the ridge of the pointed hill
  • Prescott: priest’s cottage
  • Presley: priest’s meadow
  • Preston: Priest’s estate
  • Palmer: palm tree
  • Parker: park keeper
  • Payne: the son of Pagan
  • Pearce: Rock
  • Pearson: rock
  • Perry: Dweller By The Pear Tree
  • Phillips: son of Phillip
  • Powell: son of
  • Perez: son of Pero
  • Parker: park keeper

Royal English last names That Start With R

  • Redfield: an area cleared
  • Reed: red-haired
  • Reid: red
  • Remington: place on a riverbank
  • Ridley: Reed Clearing
  • Riley: courageous
  • Rodney: island
  • Roscoe: deer forest
  • Rowley: rough clearing
  • Royal: Of The King
  • Royston: Royse’s stone
  • Rutherford: cattle ford
  • Rylan: From The Rye Land
  • Ryland: From The Rye Land
  • Ryley: brave
  • Reid: red
  • Reynolds: brave councilor
  • Richards: powerful
  • Richardson: Son of Richard
  • Roberts: bright renown
  • Robertson: son of Robert
  • Robinson: on of Robin
  • Rogers: famous spear man
  • Rose: rose flower
  • Ross: horse
  • Russell: red hair color
  • Rodriguez: Son of Rodrigo
  • Rivera: riverbank
  • Ramirez: son of Ramiro
  • Reed: red hair
  • Ramsay: low-lying land
  • Ramsey: wild garlic island
  • Rayden: god of thunder
  • Read: Red haired

Traditional English surnames That Start With S

  • Shelly: From the ledge meadow
  • Sherwood: bright forest
  • Shipley: From the sheep meadow
  • Shirley: Bright wood
  • Sidney: wide meadow
  • Snape: dweller by the pasture
  • Snowdon: snow hill
  • Soames: homestead by the pool
  • Spalding: divided field
  • Spaulding: Spaulding
  • Springfield: the season spring
  • Stafford: landing place’
  • Stanford: stone ford
  • Stanhope: the stony hollow
  • Stanley: Stony meadow
  • Stansfield: stony field
  • Stanton: Stony meadow
  • Saunders: defending men
  • Scott: Gaelic speaker
  • Shaw: Copse
  • Simpson: Son of Simon
  • Smith: man who works with metal
  • Spencer: Dispenser of provisions
  • Stevens: crown
  • Stewart: household guardian
  • Sanchez: Sanctified
  • Simmons: listening
  • Sanders: defending men
  • Scott: Person From Scotland
  • Sandford: sandy ford
  • Sanford: the Sandy Ford
  • Scarboro: fortified town
  • Shelby: a willow grove
  • Sheldon: steep valley
  • Shelley: meadow’s edge

Long English last names That Start With T

  • Tewksbury: a market town
  • Thornton: bush enclosure
  • Thorpe: hamlet
  • Tickle: kid hill
  • Tindall: to flow
  • Tinley: Dennis’ Field
  • Trollope: troll valley
  • Taylor: tailor
  • Thomas: twin
  • Thompson: Son of Thom
  • Thomson: son of Thom
  • Turner: Lathe Worker
  • Torres: tower
  • Tatum: cheerful bringer of joy
  • Tenley: Dennis’ Field

Pretty English surnames That Start With W

  • Warwick: buildings near the weir
  • Webley: From the weaver’s meadow
  • Wedgwood: place at the marshy wood
  • Weld: undisciplined
  • Wellington: From the wealthy estate
  • Wentworth: pale man’s settlement
  • Wesley: western meadow
  • Westbrook: town west of the brook
  • Westcott: west cottage
  • Weston: western town
  • Wharton: farm near the river
  • Wheatley: from the wheat meadow
  • Whitby: From The White Village
  • Wilberforce: will fortress
  • Willoughby: The Farm By The Willows
  • Winchester: the dweller at the Roman fort
  • Windsor: riverbank with a windlass
  • Winterbourne: winter stream
  • Winthrop: Friend’s village
  • Wordsworth: World guardian
  • Walker: Worker in cloth
  • Walsh: foreigner
  • Ward: a guard
  • Watson: son of Wat
  • Watts: Ruler of the army
  • Webb: weaver of cloth
  • Webster: weaver
  • West: From The West
  • White: fair
  • Wilkinson: son of Wilkin
  • Williams: determined protector
  • Williamson: son of William
  • Wilson: Son of will
  • Wood: forest
  • Wright: a maker of machinery
  • Williams: determined protectors
  • Washington: From the intelligent one’s farm
  • Wade: to go
  • Wakefield: Watch field
  • Walcott: Peasant’s cottage
  • Wallace: Foreigner
  • Walpole: pool formed by a well

List of English last names That Start With Y

  • Yong: brave
  • Young: The young one

50 English Last Names and Meanings

Here are 50 English last names along with their meanings and associated zodiac signs:

Adams – son of Adam; Aquarius

Bailey – occupational name for a bailiff; Aries

Baker – occupational name for a baker; Gemini

Bell – occupational name for a bell–ringer; Virgo

Bennett – son of Benedict; Sagittarius

Brooks – topographical name for someone who lived near a stream or brook; Pisces

Campbell – Gaelic name meaning “crooked mouth”; Cancer

Carter – occupational name for a transporter of goods by cart; Taurus

Clark – occupational name for a clerk or scholar; Capricorn

Collins – son of Colin; Gemini

Cook – occupational name for a cook; Sagittarius

Cooper – occupational name for a cooper or barrel–maker; Taurus

Cox – occupational name for a servant or worker; Scorpio

Davis – son of David; Scorpio

Edwards – son of Edward; Libra

Evans – son of Evan; Aries

Fisher – occupational name for a fisherman; Pisces

Ford – topographical name for someone who lived near a ford or crossing; Taurus

Foster – occupational name for a foster–parent; Scorpio

Garcia – from the personal name García, meaning “young warrior”; Scorpio

Green – topographical name for someone who lived by a village green or a green field; Virgo

Hall – occupational name for someone who worked in a hall or manor–house; Cancer

Harris – son of Harry; Aries

Hayes – topographical name for someone who lived by a hedge or hedgerow; Gemini

Hill – topographical name for someone who lived on a hill or high ground; Capricorn

Hughes – son of Hugh; Scorpio

Jackson – son of Jack; Pisces

James – son of James; Leo

Jenkins – son of Jenkin; Sagittarius

Johnson – son of John; Aquarius

Jones – son of John; Aquarius

Kelly – from the Irish Gaelic name O’Ceallaigh, meaning “bright–headed”; Scorpio

King – occupational name for a king or ruler; Leo

Lee – topographical name for someone who lived by a meadow or a clearing; Gemini

Lewis – from the personal name Lewis, meaning “famous warrior”; Aquarius

Martinez – from the personal name Martin, meaning “warrior”; Capricorn

Miller – occupational name for a miller; Pisces

Mitchell – from the personal name Michael, meaning “who is like God?”; Gemini

Morgan – from the Welsh personal name Morcant, meaning “sea circle”; Pisces

Murphy – from the Irish Gaelic name O’Murchadha, meaning “sea–warrior”; Scorpio

Nelson – son of Neil; Aquarius

Parker – occupational name for a gamekeeper or park–keeper; Sagittarius

Perez – from the personal name Pedro, meaning “rock”; Scorpio

Phillips – son of Philip; Libra

Robinson – son of Robin; Aries

Rogers – son of Roger; Aquarius

Ross – topographical name for someone who lived by a headland or promontory; Aquarius

Scott – from the Old English personal name Scott, meaning “Scotsman”;

Turner – occupational name for a turner or woodworker; Taurus

White – topographical name for someone who lived by a white hill or a white field; Libra

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