The 70 cute short names for girls

Short names are increasingly becoming a trend. After all, they are easier to speak, understand and write! With that in mind, we’ve made a list of 70 cute short names for girls that are beautiful in both their sound and their meanings. Check it out!

In recent years, short names have become increasingly popular. There’s no doubt that they are easier to talk, understand, and write about! In response, we have compiled a list of 70 girls’ short names that are beautiful both aesthetically and linguistically. Don’t miss it!

The 70 cute short names for girls
The 70 cute short names for girls

70 cute short names for girls

Do you know those names that, even made up of only three, four, or five letters, carry a very special charm? That’s what you’ll find below!

  1. Jade

A popular name for gemstone and soap opera protagonist! It means “flank”, “side” or “precious stone”.

It originates from the Latin ilia. It’s a super cute short name that will look beautiful on your baby girl!

  1. Maísa

Did you know that Maísa comes from the name Daisy? This name comes from the Scottish Maisie or Mysie, which is short for Mairead (Daisy).

Besides being a pretty and popular short name, it has a very feminine meaning: “pearl”.

  1. Olívia

This beautiful feminine name means “olive”. Of Spanish origin, derived from the Latin oliva.

In the past, this name was related to people who cultivated olive trees.

  1. Nina

That name for a girl already says it all in its meaning: “girl”, “graceful”, “protector of fertility and seas”, and “fire”.

This name can have several different origins. Nina is normally used as a diminutive of names with this ending, such as Antonina and Giannina, of Italian origin. Another possible meaning is from the indigenous Quechua language, in which Nina means “fire”.

  1. Chloe

A super exotic, but amazing-sounding female short name! It means “greenish grass”, “green bud”, or “new, lush foliage”.

It is the English and Latin version of Cloé, coming from the Greek chloé.

Chloe was a nickname for the Greek goddess Demeter, the goddess of vegetation!

  1. Erica

A name with strong meanings: “the one who rules like an eagle”, “rich in honors and glories” or “eternal sovereign”.

It originates from the Germanic name Erarich. It is a very popular name in Brazil!

  1. Ana

One of the champions in terms of national preference! It’s a classic old name, but one that always needs to be listed! Did you know that over three million Brazilians have already registered with this simple and beautiful feminine name?

Three biblical characters have this name, which comes from the Hebrew, Hannah, and from the Latin Anna, which means “gracious, full of grace”.

  1. Carol

Another classic feminine name! Special for those who want a delicate and popular name. It means “woman of the people” or “sweet woman”.

Despite being a great first name option, Carol is often used as the nickname for Carolina, which came from the Germanic Karl, karal, and kerl.

  1. Lais

Lais has origins in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. Its meanings refer to “democratic, “popular” and “woman who has popularity”.

Due to its simplicity and beauty, it is one of the most popular short names for girls in Brazil.

  1. Lara

Usually used as a compound name, like “Ana Lara”, this name also works very well on its own.

Its origins are uncertain, pointing to Russian, Icelandic, and to mythological and Greek legends which you can read about in the full description.

Possible meanings of Lara include “talkative”, “of the acropolis”, or, even “victorious”.

  1. Lia

The first meaning of the name Lia may be a little frightening. It comes from the Hebrew name Leah, which means “wild cow”.

However, Lia is also a biblical name (Jacob’s first wife) and to the Greeks, Lia means “she who is the bearer of good news”.

  1. Livia

A feminine and delicate name meaning “pale”, “livid” or “clear”.

It originates from the Latin Liviu. This name was used in the past as a way of calling people who were pale or fairly fair-skinned.

  1. Liz or Lis

Many short female names originate from popular names which, shortened, or in the form of a nickname, eventually became popular. Liz is one of them.

Diminutive of the name Elizabeth, in English, which by the way refers to “my God is an oath” or “my God is abundance”.

Flor-de-Lis was a flower used as a symbol by French royalty to express power, sovereignty, honor, and loyalty.

  1. Luna

A charming and feminine short name: it means “Moon”, “the enlightened one”, “the feminine one”.

Carrying the symbologies and attributes of the moon, this name can be associated with hope, enlightenment, and femininity.

It’s certainly a different name choice, but super beautiful and creative!

  1. Júlia

This is a very popular name in Brazil, but always worth mentioning. It has sweet meanings: “fluffy”, “soft”, “young” or “daughter of Jupiter”.

Julia is the feminine variant of Julius, a name originating from the Latin Julius.

Originally Julia (without the acute accent) was the name of a patrician Roman family, considered to be descended from the mythological Iulo, son of Creusa and Aeneas of Troy.

  1. Maya or Maia

This is one of the simple short names that has several possible origins. The meanings reflect beautiful symbologies, linked to transformation and cleansing, in analogy to water and that of origin and love, in a reference to the mother.

If you find it an interesting name, be sure to read the full description.

  1. Maite

A delicate name with passionate meanings: “kind”, “beloved”, “lady of summer” or “sovereign who reaps what she grows”.

A short feminine name originating from the Basque language. It should be noted that the form Maites is common among Jews and is equivalent in meaning to Virginia, literally “virgin”.

  1. Iris

Iris is a flower, is what the colored part of the eyes is called, and is also a Greek goddess. All of this can generate many beautiful meanings that relate to this short name.

The origin itself is Greek and, according to Plato, it derives from the verb siren, “to say”, and means “messenger” or “messenger by the word”.

  1. Bruna

A beautiful and delicate name of Germanic or Nordic origin! It means “brunette”, “tanned”, “brown”; “the color of fire”.

Some studies indicate that this name was used in the past to name people with brown skin, eyes, or hair.

  1. Isa

There are many Isabelles and Isadoras called Isa, aren’t there? But why not use it as a first name?

Isa has Arabic and Hebrew origins and the meaning can vary from “chaste”, “pure”, “God is salvation” or “gift of Isis” (the Egyptian goddess).

  1. Isis

The name Isis comes from the word siesta, which means “to get ahead”.

But it also refers to the Egyptian goddess who is one of the most important in ancient culture, mother of the god Horus and goddess of motherhood and sisterhood.

Its meaning, then, can be “to come forward” as well as “mistress of the throne”, or “goddess of fertility and maternal love”.

Female short names: simple and beautiful

  1. Zoé

A name that carries the meaning of vivacity, of joy, of one who is sagacious.

Zoé is nothing more than the Jewish version of the Hebrew name “Eve”, sharing the same meaning.

Names with the letter Z are not very common in Brazil, and little more than a thousand people have been registered with it. Which makes it a different, rare, and beautiful short name!

  1. Taís or Thaís

There are many stories behind the meanings of the Greek name Taís, which means “contemplated with admiration” or “one who should be contemplated”.

They all involve beautiful figures. It is a very popular name in Brazil, with over 400 thousand registered.

  1. Sara

A beautiful feminine name with a sweet meaning: it means “princess”, “lady”, or “lady”. After all, if the baby is really going to be the princess of the house, it is already very meaningful to think of a name with this meaning, isn’t it?

It originates from the Hebrew Sarah. This is the name of a very popular character in biblical stories, mentioned in the Old Testament as Abraham’s wife and Isaac’s mother.

  1. Lana

This is a beautiful feminine name that has several possibilities of origin. This results in several beautiful and strong meanings for the name, such as “my child”, “stone”, “harmony”, “beautiful”, “the shining one”, “the one that floats”, “light” or “world”.

Some possible origins for this name are Irish, Celtic, Greek, Russian, and even the Hawaiian language.

  1. Nala

This beautiful short name of African origin was made famous by the Lion King character Nala: a fearless lioness who marries Simba.

The name Nala carries the meanings of “water in the desert”, “queen”, “lioness”, “gift”, and “rod”.

  1. Light

A different name, but still full of energy and meaning. Luz means “the one who illuminates”, “illuminated”, “luminous”, “and enlightened”.

The name originated in Spain to name the virgin Mary, as the Catholic church gives her a number of titles, one of which is “Our Lady of Light”.

  1. Lena

This beautiful name of Greek origin carries the meanings of “resplendent” or “luminous”. It is considered a diminutive of Helen, a popular Greek name that means “torch”.

Some studies relate the root of this name to the Greek term selene, which can be translated as “moon” or “moonlight”. In Brazil, although it is used more as a nickname for names like Selena and Helena, it can also be used as an imposing first name.

  1. Mara

This name has two main possibilities of origin. Hebrew, is a biblical character mentioned in the Old Testament.

There is also the possibility of Tupi origin, being the name of a legendary daughter of a shaman from the Amazon who would have known supernatural arts to practice evil. Mara means “bitter” or “war”, “disorder”, or “revolution”.

  1. Ilda

This name is a variant of Hilda, a name which has a Germanic origin and means “combat, war”.

During the Middle Ages in England, it was an infrequently used name and was revived around the 19th century.

  1. Rosa

In Brazil, Rosa is a very popular feminine name, due to its simplicity, and femininity and because it reminds us of the pink flower, widely used for ornaments and considered the “flower of love”.

Rosa comes from Germanic and was translated into English as Rose. From then on, it arrived in Portuguese as a simple and beautiful name that refers to the flower. It carries the meanings of “beautiful flower”, “famous type” or “famous species”.

  1. Vicki or Vicky

Of English origin, the name Victoria has become very popular in Brazil. People with this name may earn the affectionate nickname Vicki or Vicky. However, this nickname is becoming more and more common as a first name in the country.

Of English origin, it carries the same meanings as Victoria, i.e. “victorious” and “triumphant”.

  1. Greta

From Swedish, Greta is a shortened form of the name Daisy, which originated from the Latin Margarita. This name literally means “pearl”.

The Greeks got the name Marguerite from elements of Persian which originally meant “creature of light”.

  1. Emma

This classic name of Germanic origin is increasingly popular in Brazil. It originated in England around the year 1002 through Queen Emma of Normandy and became very popular with the Normans.

The name was revived in the 18th century due to the poem “Henry and Emma” by the English poet Matthew Worse. Emma carries the meanings of “all”, and “universal”.

  1. Bella

Bella is the reduced form of the Italian name Isabella so that thus not only carries the meaning of the adjective denoting beauty but also, the meaning of the names from which it originates.

It has become a very popular name around the world and contains the meanings of “beautiful”, “beautiful”, “chaste”, “pure”, “God is sworn”, and “consecrated to God”.

  1. Flower

This simple, short, and beautiful feminine name has become common both as a compound name in Brazil and as a first name.

Of Latin origin, Flor carries the meanings, by extension to the literal of “the beautiful”, “the young”, “the fertile”, and “the harmonious”.

  1. Bia

Bia has two possible origins. It may be a first name or a diminutive of the names Beatrice or Bianca.

This beautiful feminine name may have come from Latin or Greek and carries the meanings of “powerful”, “strong”; “the one who brings happiness”.

  1. Ieda

Ieda is a name of Hebrew origin and means “honeycomb”. By extension, it carries the sense of “sweet woman” or “woman with great sweetness”.

This is a beautiful feminine name. Its beauty derives mainly from the fact that it reflects taste, tenderness, and enchantment.

  1. Lyra

Variation of the name Lira, Lyra means “musical instrument”, “one who soothes with her melody”. It is a feminine name and is pronounced as “Laira”.

Although it is not possible to state what its etym is, onomastic scholars indicate that it has mythological origins.

  1. Petra

Feminine Greek variant of the name Peter. Petra comes from the Greek pétros, meaning “stone”.

This is also the feminine version of the translation of the Aramaic Cephas, the name given by Jesus to Simon, son of Jonah.

  1. Ava

This short, beautiful feminine name carries the meanings of “the one who lives”, “the living one”, “the one who has life” or “full of life”; “voice”, “sound”; “desired”.

It is a name that has increased in popularity since the 2000s, mainly in the USA, England, New Zealand, and Ireland.

  1. Kali

Kali originates from Sanskrit, which is an ancient language spoken by Indians. Thus, it is a popular name in India and means “black”. It is a reference to the goddess Kali, so by extension, the same as the meaning of “black goddess”.

  1. Nice

The origin of the name Nice has everything to do with the Nike brand of sportswear It comes from Greek a word meaning “victory”.

By extension, Nice has attributed the meaning of “victorious”. In Greek mythology, Nice, also known as Nica or Nika, is the goddess of victory and is most often personified through a woman with wings.

  1. Ioná

Of Hebrew origin, the name Ionna literally means “dove”, by extension, “the herald of peace”.

Popular in our country, the name Ioná presents as graphic variants Yoná (with Y) as well as Ioná (with H at the end).

Female short names: delicate and different

Who said little names for girls need to be common, or even dull? Not at all! Here we have selected feminine names that are also super original and, at the same time, carry the sweetness of a short name.

  1. Alicia

A short name that has fancy meanings: “of noble quality”, “of noble lineage”, “of noble blood”; “respected”, “or majestic”.

Alicia is a variation of the name Alice, a name of Germanic origin that comes as a diminutive of Adelaide.

  1. Ayla

A name that sounds like music to our ears. Being a very popular name in Turkey, one of the hypotheses as to the meaning of the name Ayla is “moonlight” or “moonlight”.

Another possibility goes back to Hebrew, being the transliteration of the name Eilah, meaning “oak” or “terebinth” – a small tree of Mediterranean origin with reddish-purple flowers.

  1. Diana

A princess’s short name with strong meanings: “divine”, and “one who illuminates”.

Originating from the Latin Diana, derived from the term radius, which literally means “divine”.

It became very popular in the world because it was the name of Princess Diana of Wales, known as Lady Di. Diana was the first wife of Prince Charles and is the mother of Princes William and Harry.

  1. Dulce

A name that carries great characteristics! It means “very sweet woman” or “very kind woman”.

It is an old Spanish name that originates from the Latin word dulcis. Certainly a charming choice of name!

  1. Iana

There is no certainty as to the origin of the name Iana, but it is possible that it is a derivation of Ayana, a name of African origin meaning “beautiful flower”, and “beautiful flower” and found in Hebrew, Japanese, as well as in Indian and English.

It may also have been derived from the name Ana, which we have already explained the meaning of above.

Either way, Iana is a more different and unique short name, having just under 10,000 people registered in Brazil.

  1. Iara or Yara

A name of indigenous origin, with the meaning of “lady of the waters”, “water mother”, “the beauty of the waters” or “dominating”.

In the Brazilian indigenous imaginary, she is also known as the “Mãe D’Água”, a beautiful mermaid that lives in the Amazon River and its tributaries. In literature, Olavo Bilac, a writer of Parnasianism, wrote the famous poem A Iara, which tells about the mermaid.

  1. Ivy

This name comes from Old English and is simply the name of a climbing plant that usually gives small yellow flowers.

In Brazil, Ivi, with i, is more common, with nearly a thousand people registered.

  1. Meg

The American tone is because Meg is diminutive of Margareth, an English version of Daisy, which in turn came from the Latin Margarita, originated from the Greek margarites, which literally means “pearl”. Whew!

A tiny young girl called Meg means, then, a pearl in the world! Beautiful, isn’t it?

  1. Honey

Honey can mean the food itself, from the Greek and Latin word. That is, it has the sense of being sweet, lovable, etc. It can also be the shortened version of the French name Melania, which comes from the Greek mélaina, meaning “black, dark”.

Whatever the basis, we immediately imagine a graceful girl with this name, don’t we?

  1. Mia

Despite the obvious association, this name has nothing to do with kittens.

The name Mia has beautiful stories behind it and can mean “starfish”, “mine”, “who is like God?” and “pain of someone who desires much but cannot have children”.

Want to know why? Read the full description by clicking on the name!

  1. Kim

Click on the name Kim and read the stories that originate their meanings, we guarantee it’s worth it. But to start off, its meanings are connected to “gold”, “golden” or “royalty”.

Despite being very popular, currently because of the American Kim Kardashian, according to the 2010 Census, there were a little over a thousand people registered with this name in Brazil.

  1. Kelly

A small name, but with a strong meaning: “descendant of war”, “warrior maiden”; “inhabitant of the forest”, and “born in the forest”.

Possibly originating from the Irish surname Ceallach or a toponymic name from Old English.

A name made very famous worldwide by the American actress Grace Kelly (1929-1982).

  1. Olga

This name of Russian origin carries the meaning of a woman of dignity, sublime, and consecrated. Olga was a saint, the first woman to be canonized from Russia, and her name reproduces the Scandinavian name Halag.

  1. Sofia

A beautiful little name with a powerful meaning: “wisdom” or “the wise one”.

Originating in the Greek Sophia, it was a very popular name in royal families during the Middle Ages. One example was Empress Élia Sofia, wife of Emperor Justin II.

  1. Uiara

For those who want to preserve and honor our indigenous culture, here is a great option!

This short feminine name has, besides its super sonority, an incredible meaning: “Mother of water”, “the dominatrix”.

Uiara is also a variant of Iara.

  1. Vera

An old feminine name that carries special characteristics for the baby who bears it: “true”, “sincere”, “frank” or “the one who has faith”.

It originates from the Latin versus, vera, or verum. It may also have come from the Slavic where.

  1. Wilma

A short feminine name that carries very important meanings: “resolute protector” or “courageous protector”. Great characteristics for your baby girl, isn’t it?

It originates from the English name Wilma. It is the same origin as Guilhermina, a feminine variant of William.

  1. Xuxa

A super popular short feminine name thanks to the Brazilian presenter Xuxa. It means “purity” or “little lily”.

It originates from the Hebrew Shoshannah, which in turn is derived from the term Shoushan.

Female short names: biblical

Did you know that there are many beautiful names of biblical origin? Check out some that are short and have strong attributes!

  1. Ada

There are five possible root meanings for the name Ada, and it may come from Hebrew or English. The meanings vary from “place of delights”, “the Lord has granted benefits” or even “ornament”, or “beauty”.

If you like simple names, this is an excellent option, which besides being different, also refers to the garden of Eden!

  1. Aria

Aria may come from Sanskrit, Latin, or Hebrew, as a variation of the names Ari, Ariel, or Ariele.

If you want to know about its origin, click on the name, but its meanings are linked to “she is essential”, “melodious”, “lioness of God”, and “noble”.

Not bad for a short name for a girl, eh?

  1. Beautiful

A female short name with a biblical meaning: “chaste”, “pure”, “God is sworn”, “consecrated to God”, “beautiful”, and “beautiful”. It is a name that carries attributes of purity and closeness to God.

Beautiful is the diminutive of Isabella, but it is also used many times as a proper name.

  1. Bete

A feminine short name with the meaning of “God is an oath”, “God is abundance” or “house of obedience”.

A shortened first name from the version Elisabeth, originating from the Hebrew Elishebba.

The Hebrew root of this name is present in the Old Testament of the Bible, translated into Portuguese Eliseba.

  1. Elis

There are several possibilities for the name Elis, be sure to click on the name to find out, but all are very positive and beautiful.

Elis can mean “God is salvation”, “the Lord is my God”, or “of noble quality”, or “of noble lineage”.

It is a beautiful short name that is named one of the greatest singers of MPB, Elis Regina.

  1. Eloá

The name Eloá is a short name with a beautiful meaning. It comes from the Hebrew, Eloah, with the plural Elohim, which means “God”.

It refers to what is sublime, divine, and omnipotent. Not bad for a baby, huh?

  1. Eva

The name that, according to the biblical tradition, belonged to the first woman who ever lived.

It has a Hebrew origin, Hawwá, Havah, derived from the root hawá, which means “she lived” and, therefore, is attributed to the meaning of “she who lives”, “the living one”. A beautiful symbol for the arrival of a child in a family’s life!

The English version, Eve, is also a beautiful short name for a girl.

  1. Ruth

A short, delicate, and exotic name. It means great attributes: “friend”, and “companion”.

It originates from the Hebrew name Ruth, which is derived from the term Re’ut.

Did you like our name suggestions? In case you want to know even more about a specific name, just click on its title and read its full description!

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