Top 200+ Biblical Names for Girl

Biblical Names for Girls are some of the most enduring of all time. Whether you’re looking for a name with a religious or spiritual association or simply appreciate the classics, biblical names can be a great source of inspiration. We’ve collected 200 of the most popular and unique names from the Bible, including those for Biblical Names for Girls and, plus unisex options.

Top Biblical Girl Names

Here is a list of top biblical girl names with their meanings:

Top 200+ Biblical Names for Girl
Top 200+ Biblical Names for Girl
  1. Mary – “bitter” or “beloved”
  2. Sarah – “Princess”
  3. Hannah – “grace” or “favor”
  4. Elizabeth – “God is my oath”
  5. Ruth – “companion” or “friend”
  6. Esther – “star”
  7. Rachel – “Ewe”
  8. Deborah – “bee”
  9. Rebekah – “to tie firmly” or “to bind”
  10. Naomi – “pleasantness”
  11. Abigail – “Father’s joy”
  12. Leah – “weary”
  13. Miriam – “rebellious”
  14. Judith – “woman of Judea”
  15. Martha – “lady” or “mistress”
  16. Lydia – “from Lydia”
  17. Jael – “wild mountain goat”
  18. Salome – “peace”
  19. Priscilla – “ancient”
  20. Lois – “better” or “more desirable”
  21. Susanna – “Lily”
  22. Phoebe – “bright” or “pure”
  23. Joanna – “God is gracious”
  24. Tabitha – “Gazelle”
  25. Mary Magdalene – “of Magdala”
  26. Michal – “who is like God?”
  27. Bathsheba – “daughter of the oath”
  28. Delilah – “delicate” or “weak”
  29. Zipporah – “bird”
  30. Tamar – “palm tree”
  31. Hagar – “flight” or “stranger”
  32. Vashti – “beautiful” or “good”
  33. Keziah – “cinnamon-like”
  34. Dinah – “judgment” or “vindicated”
  35. Jezebel – “not exalted”
  36. Adah – “ornament” or “adornment”
  37. Abishag – “my father’s error”
  38. Michal – “who is like God?”
  39. Athaliah – “God is exalted”
  40. Jemima – “dove”
  41. Keturah – “fragrant”
  42. Orpah – “gazelle”
  43. Rahab – “wide” or “broad”
  44. Tirzah – “delightful”
  45. Vashti – “good” or “beautiful”
  46. Zilpah – “trickling” or “dropping”
  47. Bilhah – “bashful” or “timid”
  48. Carmel – “garden” or “orchard”
  49. Mahalah – “sickness” or “disease”
  50. Zebudah – “endowment” or “gift”

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Popular and Classic Biblical Girl Names

If you want to choose a biblical name and appreciate monikers that never seem to go out of style, you have plenty of options. These popular classics also work well if you’d like to name your baby after a family member.

  1. Abigail meaning “father’s joy,” zodiac sign: Leo
  2. Rachel – meaning “ewe,” zodiac sign: Aquarius
  3. Esther – meaning “star,” zodiac sign: Pisces
  4. Sarah – meaning “princess,” zodiac sign: Virgo
  5. Ruth – meaning “friendship,” zodiac sign: Cancer
  6. Hannah – meaning “grace,” zodiac sign: Aries
  7. Leah – meaning “weary,” zodiac sign: Gemini
  8. Naomi – meaning “pleasantness,” zodiac sign: Scorpio
  9. Delilah – meaning “delicate,” zodiac sign: Taurus
  10. Miriam – meaning “bitter,” zodiac sign: Libra
  11. Eve – meaning “life,” zodiac sign: Scorpio
  12. Rebecca – meaning “to tie or bind,” zodiac sign: Sagittarius
  13. Mary – meaning “bitter” or “beloved,” zodiac sign: Capricorn
  14. Martha – meaning “lady,” zodiac sign: Leo
  15. Deborah – meaning “bee,” zodiac sign: Aquarius
  16. Hagar – meaning “flight,” zodiac sign: Taurus
  17. Tamar – meaning “palm tree,” zodiac sign: Leo
  18. Michal – meaning “who is like God,” zodiac sign: Scorpio
  19. Salome – meaning “peaceful,” zodiac sign: Pisces
  20. Bathsheba – meaning “daughter of an oath,” zodiac sign: Sagittarius
  21. Zipporah – meaning “bird,” zodiac sign: Aquarius
  22. Jochebed – meaning “glory of Jehovah,” zodiac sign: Capricorn
  23. Jemima – meaning “dove,” zodiac sign: Pisces
  24. Adah – meaning “ornament,” zodiac sign: Scorpio
  25. Dinah – meaning “judged,” zodiac sign: Aries
  26. Keziah – meaning “cassia tree,” zodiac sign: Taurus
  27. Abijah – meaning “my father is Jehovah,” zodiac sign: Leo
  28. Athaliah – meaning “afflicted by Jehovah,” zodiac sign: Scorpio
  29. Jehosheba – meaning “Jehovah is an oath,” zodiac sign: Capricorn
  30. Jael – meaning “mountain goat,” zodiac sign: Aries
  31. Judith – meaning “woman of Judea,” zodiac sign: Sagittarius
  32. Mahlah – meaning “sickly,” zodiac sign: Gemini
  33. Merab – meaning “increase,” zodiac sign: Leo
  34. Milcah – meaning “queen,” zodiac sign: Pisces
  35. Orpah – meaning “back of the neck,” zodiac sign: Taurus
  36. Puah – meaning “splendid,” zodiac sign: Cancer
  37. Serah – meaning “princess,” zodiac sign: Scorpio
  38. Shelomith – meaning “peaceful,” zodiac sign: Aquarius
  39. Tabitha – meaning “gazelle,” zodiac sign: Sagittarius
  40. Tirzah – meaning “delight,” zodiac sign: Aries
  41. Vashti – meaning “beautiful,” zodiac sign: Gemini
  42. Zilpah – meaning “fringe,” zodiac sign: Leo
  43. Bilhah – meaning “bashful,” zodiac sign: Pisces
  44. Keturah – meaning “incense,” zodiac sign: Aries
  45. Anna – meaning “gracious,” zodiac sign: Aquarius
  46. Joanna – meaning “God is gracious,” zodiac sign: Sagittarius
  47. Phoebe – meaning “bright,” zodiac sign: Aries
  48. Lois – meaning “superior,” zodiac sign: Leo
  49. Rhoda – meaning “rose,” zodiac sign: Taurus
  50. Susanna – meaning “lily,” zodiac sign: Scorpio

Most Popular Biblical Girl Names

Here are the Most Popular Biblical Girl Names with their meanings:


This classically stylish name has stood the test of time, remaining particularly popular in English-speaking countries and in Europe, where spellings tend to vary. Derived from Hebrew, Abigail means “the father’s joy,” which is sure to appeal to many dads-to-be out there. Charming nicknames include Abby and Gail—a pair of sweet options for your little Abigail.


As one of the top girls’ names, Anna is a derivative of Hannah and means “grace” in Hebrew. There are many variations of Anna to choose from, including Ann, Anne, Ana, or even Annie. This classic name is short and sweet, and it’s a favorite in both Europe and the United States.


This name appears in the New Testament and is derived from a hereditary title meaning “queen mother.” Some Bible versions spell the name as Kandake.


Looking for a biblical girl name that sounds like springtime? You’re in luck! This exquisite name evokes blossoms and new life, as it means “young green shoot” in ancient Greek. It’s also another name for Demeter, the Greek goddess of harvest and fertility.


This name means “delicate” in Hebrew and can be shortened to the fresh and whimsical Lila. In the Old Testament, Delilah was the lover of the great Samson. Today, this recognizable name is popular due to its connotation of women’s strength.


The name Elizabeth means “God is my oath” and comes from both Greek and Hebrew origins. In the Old Testament, the Hebrew form appears as Elisheba, Aaron’s wife. And in the New Testament, you can find the Greek form Elizabeth as the mother of John the Baptist.


The name Esther comes from the biblical story of an ordinary girl who became queen of Persia and, ultimately, saved her people. The name is thought to mean “star” in Persian. Some charming nickname options include Essie, Ettie, and Estée.


You can’t have a list of biblical names for baby girls and not include Eve! In the Bible, Eve, along with Adam, were the first two humans. Fittingly, the name in Hebrew means “to breathe” or “to live.” You can find Eve or Eva in many countries around the world.


Hannah is the original version of the name Anna, which means “grace” in Hebrew. This is a timeless name with global appeal—it’s known and loved from Europe to Asia, as well as in Middle Eastern cultures.


The familiar name Mary is the English version of the Latin name María and the Hebrew name Myriam. In the Bible, the name has a long and interesting history that goes back to Jesus’ mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, and other biblical Marys. The variations Maria and Maya may be slightly trendier, but Mary has enjoyed a solid run, making it the most-used female name in history. Impressive!


Leah is another international name that you can find throughout Europe with variant spellings, including Lea and Lia. In the Bible, Leah was Jacob’s first wife and the mother to seven children.


This biblical name for girls has roots in both Hebrew and Japanese cultures. Naomi comes from the Hebrew word for “pleasantness,” and its Japanese roots bring several other meanings to it, namely “beautiful.” Some contemporary Naomis you may have heard of include supermodel Naomi Campbell and actress Naomi Watts.


Meaning “ewe” in Hebrew, the name Rachel has been around for millennia. You might relate the name to the beauty and gentleness of the biblical Rachel, another wife of Jacob and sister of Leah. For a lovely twist on this classic name, try its Spanish baby girl name equivalent: Raquel.


This name means “servant of God” in Hebrew. In the Bible, Rebecca is the wife of Isaac and the mother of Esau and Jacob. The historical or biblical spelling of this classic girls’ name is Rebekah. If you choose Rebecca for your little one, you can also use nicknames like Bec, Becky, or Becca.


In the Old Testament, loyal Ruth was devoted to her mother-in-law, Naomi. The name, which means “compassionate friend” in Hebrew, enjoyed widespread popularity around the turn of the twentieth century, and it could be set to make a comeback. Ruth is also a popular choice in Germany and Scandinavia, and many parents find the nickname Ruthie irresistible.

Unique Baby Girl Names With Biblical Meanings

An interesting aspect of biblical names is that while some are the most enduring surnames, others are rare and unique. So you can choose a name from the Bible for your baby girl and she can still rock a personalized title!


As quite a rare moniker, Abilene is a place name mentioned briefly in the New Testament. And with the sweet meaning of “meadow,” this unique biblical girl name works well for those looking for nature-inspired names. You can choose between two pronunciations: AB-i-leen or ab-i-LEE-nee.


Derived from the German word for “noble” or “nobility,” Ada is also one of the first girl names to pop up in the Bible. There are a variety of international alternatives to Ada, including Adele, Adela, and even Adelaide.


Apphia, pronounced AF-ee-ah, is both a biblical and ancient Greek name for girls. In Hebrew, it’s known to mean “increasing” and was used by Paul in his epistle to Philemon in the New Testament.


Meaning “judged” in ancient Hebrew, Dinah was the daughter of Jacob and Leah. This unique name had a short stint of popularity in the United States between 1940 and 1970.


This unique biblical girl’s name hasn’t been around since the turn of the twentieth century and is sometimes associated with the Celtic element meaning “strong.” However, it’s more well-known as an ancient Roman family name and comes with the popular nicknames of Dru and Drew.


Meaning “dove,” Jemima was the eldest daughter of Job in the Old Testament. Although the name is still somewhat popular in England and Wales, it hasn’t been used in the United States since the nineteenth century.


Although not a biblical name in the traditional sense, Jewel is a Christian girl’s name with a unique meaning. Of course, the name can refer to precious stones frequently referred to in the Bible, but it also means “precious one,” so it’s perfect for a sweet baby! The singer Jewel might come to mind when thinking of this name.


As an ancient Roman and biblical name, Junia is the feminine form of Junius, but there’s still a debate about Junia’s gender in the New Testament. Junia comes from the name Juno, which means “youth.” In Roman mythology, Juno was Jupiter’s wife and queen of the heavens.


If you like the popular biblical name Mary but want a unique spin on it for your daughter, you could opt for Magdalene. Mary Magdalene was from Magdala, a place name that means “tower.” A more common English version of this name is Madeline, but you can also give your little one a nickname like Magda or Lena.


This name could simply be a different arrangement of the letters in the name Mary, or it could be a nod to myrrh, a fragrant tree resin often referenced in the Bible. Either way, it takes its place among unique biblical names for girls with an interesting meaning.


This name is a great option for the little light of your life! Neriah means “light of Yahweh” about the Hebrew god, Yahweh. The name was absent in the United States for quite some time but appeared again in 2013.


You may think that the name Prisca comes from Priscilla, but it’s the other way around! Prisca is the feminine version of Priscus, a family name meaning “ancient.” But, in the Bible, it’s used to refer to Priscilla, the wife of Aquila.


Derived from the Greek word rhodon, meaning “rose,” Rhoda was a maid’s daughter in the New Testament. Although it was once quite a common biblical name for girls, it started to lose steam in the early 1900s and hasn’t been regularly used in the United States since the 1970s.


Pronounced seh-LO-mee, this rare name relates to the Hebrew word shalom, meaning “peace.” In the New Testament, Salome was the daughter of Herodias and was simply known as “the dancer.”


Meaning “delightful” or “favorable” in Hebrew, Tirzah doesn’t have any near-American equivalents, except possibly Theresa, which is itself derived from the Greek and Latin Thersa. Tirzah is mentioned in the Old Testament as one of the five daughters of Zelophehad.

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