The 40 Most Chic and Different Names and Their Meanings

Who doesn’t want a chic, sophisticated, and different name for their baby? When making this choice, the options are so many that it is easy to get lost.

That’s why we’ve made a list with the meaning of 40 super chic and interesting names to help you with this mission!

The 40 Most Chic and Different Names and Their Meanings
The 40 Most Chic and Different Names and Their Meanings

Chic and unusual female names

Some lists of chic girl names are so extensive that they are more of a hindrance than a help. Here, we’ve narrowed your options down to 20 beautiful and elegant names that will surely touch your heart.

  1. Alicia

We started with that beautiful French name. It’s an excellent option because it runs away from the common Alice, keeping the beautiful sound.

The meaning of Alicia is really chic: the name means “of noble quality”, “respected”, “and majestic”. It is a variation of Alice, the Germanic name which is the diminutive of Adelaide.

It’s right in the middle of the path between the common and the more exotic, being a beautiful option for a chic girl’s name.

Learn more: Alicia

  1. Antonella

Is that an imposing name or isn’t it? Antonella comes from Italian, being the short form of Antonia. The name comes from the Latin Antonius, which means “valuable”, “invaluable” or “worthy of appreciation”.

Some scholars argue that this name could also have roots in the Greek antheos, meaning “nourished by flowers”.

See more info here: Antonella

  1. Brigitte

Brigitte means “strong” or “strength”. A very unusual name and, for that very reason, super interesting!

It’s a variant of the Gaelic word brig, meaning “strength”. In Irish mythology, Brigitte is the goddess of fire, poetry, and wisdom.

See: Brigitte

  1. Celine

A name whose sound is light, delicate, yet sophisticated at the same time.

The origin of Celine may have come both from the Latin coeli, caelum, which means “of the heavens”, and from the diminutive of Celia, coming from the Latin caucus, which means “blind”.

Discover more: Celine

  1. Desiree

A French name that is pronounced “Desirrê”, and just by its sound it already suggests sophistication.

It arises from the Latin Desideratus – Desiderato, in Portuguese – whose feminine form is Desiderata and means “desired” or “the beloved”.

In Brazil, it can take on the Portuguese form, thus becoming “Desirê”.

See: Desiree

  1. Emma

This is an English name that has been gaining popularity and has a beautiful meaning. It means: “everything, universal”.

The name arises from the Germanic being a nickname for names that began with Ermin, Irmin, and Yrmin, such as Ermintrude or Irmingard, for example. means

It is simple and grand at the same time. Very chic!

More here: Emma

  1. Francis

Lately, the traditional name “Francisco” has gained popularity in Brazil, with some famous people naming their children that way.

Francis is a softer, prettier variant of that name meaning “free Frenchwoman”, or “one who comes from France”.

It was a name that was widely used by the English aristocracy during the Elizabethan period. Is it chic or is it not?

See: Francis

  1. Greta

Swedish actress Greta Garbo was one of the greatest symbols of elegance and refinement of the twentieth century. Perhaps that is why this name has gained such notoriety and this graceful tone.

It’s the Swedish shortened form of Daisy, a name that means “pearl” or even “creature of light”. Do you want something fancier than this?

More info on this name: Greta

  1. Yolanda

Many symbologies are connected to this beautiful and chic girl’s name.

It comes from the Latin viola, which, in turn, has its origin in the Greek íole, whose meaning is “violet”. The violet is a beautiful flower and also a color that represents balance and clarity.

The name may be written from its Spanish variant, Yolanda.

More here: Yolanda

40 most chic and different names and their meanings
40 most chic and different names and their meanings

40 most chic and different names and their meanings

  1. Justine

Isn’t it funny that, just by changing the final letter to “e”, we already have a much more chic and beautiful name in Justine than “Justina”?

Both mean the same thing, “the one who is like the righteous one”, and “of the nature of the righteous one”, deriving from the Latin Justus, which means “fair”. Lovely meaning, isn’t it?

The name Justine is also used as the feminine of Justin, in the English language.

See: Justine

  1. Lauren

This beautiful female name originates from the Latin noun Laurus, which means “laurel, laurel tree”.

It is one of the English versions of the name Laura, which means “victorious”, and “triumphant”. In antiquity, the laurel tree symbolized victory and immortality, as well as for the ancient Romans, it meant glory.

Do you want to know more about this story? Click on the name!

Learn more: Lauren

  1. Lavinia

Lavinia is a mythological name, belonging to Roman legend. If you’re curious about this story, be sure to read the full description by clicking the name below.

It arises from the Latin lavo, Lavi, lavatum, which means “to wash, to bathe, to purify”. By extension, the name means “the one that purifies” or “the one that bathes”.

For more information: Lavinia

  1. Nivia

Although today we associate the name with the brand of cosmetics, Nivia is a chic and powerful name that derives from the Latin, Nivens, which means “of the snow, white as snow”.

Is it or is it not a name of a princess?

See: Nivia

  1. Olivia

Popularized from the 20th century onwards, this feminine name sounds strong, beautiful, and refined, like the material taken from olive trees.

In fact, the name has a toponymic origin and derives from a region in Spain (Navarre) that was characteristic of its olive tree plantations. Olivia means “olive”.

Olívia a name of Spanish origin, derived from the Latin olive, which literally means “olive”, the fruit of the tree.

For more details: Olivia

  1. Pillar

Tell the truth: the name Pilar sounds chic and discreet, and even delicate, right? Its meaning, however, is strength.

Pillar comes from the Latin, pila, and literally means pillar, support, or fountain.

It is a very common name in Spain and the biblical story behind the marble pillar on the banks of the Ebro River is interesting to know, be sure to read by clicking on the name!

More here: Pillar

  1. Scarlet

The strength of the name Scarlet is right in its own meaning: it exists through the English name Scarlett, which means “red”. Therefore, it carries the symbology of what is courageous, bold, and strong.

It was also the name that designated people whose profession was sewing and selling a certain type of clothing, which was called salariat in Persian.

It can also be written with a double “t”, Scarlett.

See: scarlet

  1. Daisy

Ah, how delicate is that name!

Daisy comes from the Old English damages edge, damages edge, and means “eye of the day”, which is the name of a flower that opens in the morning.

We know this flower today as the daisy, which represents beauty, simplicity, and innocence at the same time. Who said that chic can’t be simple?

Learn more about this name here: Daisy

  1. Maite

Another sophisticated yet graceful name is Maitê.

This name comes from the Basque language and means “beloved”, “adored”, “captivating” or “charming”. Other theories suggest that this name has meanings such as “virgin” or “lady of summer”.

See here for more information about this name: Maitê

  1. Ayla

Quite different and beautiful, Ayla is a name that has at least three possible meanings.

The first of these suggests that the name comes from the Turkish term ay, which means “moon”. The second proposes a connection with the Hebrew name Eilah, which means “oak”. The latter refers to the Greek terms aer, meaning “mist”, “air”, and aura, meaning “breeze” or “breath”.

Many different meanings, but all of them are beautiful and connected to the beauty, strength, and power of nature. A name that encompasses a lot of ideas at once!

Learn more about this name here: Ayla

  1. Ellen

This name is a fancier version of Helena. Its origin comes from the Greek Heléne, derived from the word heláne, meaning “torch”. The name is also linked to the term hélê, which means “sunbeam”.

If your baby girl is a light in your life, shining in your life, this might be the ideal name.

For more info see: Ellen

Chic Boy Names That Are Sophisticated and Interesting
Chic Boy Names That Are Sophisticated and Interesting

Chic Boy Names That Are Sophisticated and Interesting

If you’re a daddy or mommy looking for a name of strength and refinement for your child, here are some excellent options.

These are names that we don’t hear every day and that certainly can mean something special to you who are reading this!

  1. Abraham

This is a biblical name that carries special strength. The origin is Hebrew and means “sublime father” or “father of the multitudes”.

It is the same as Abraão, in Portuguese, but in a more chic version. The character is one of the main ones in Christian culture, being the one to whom God promised the “promised land”.

Learn more about his name: Abraham

  1. Anthony

Sometimes all a common name needs is a sophisticated version. Anthony is the English version of Antônio, a name that comes from the Latin Antónios, which means “valuable”, “of inestimable value”, and “worthy of appreciation”.

Another theory attributed to this name suggests that it has a Greek origin, in the term anthers, which means “fed on flowers”.

Learn more here: Anthony

  1. Álvaro

Álvaro is a simple name, but at the same time, it carries a singular grace.

It comes from the old Norse Alfarr, formed by the elements alfr, which means “elf” or “genius”, and arr, which can mean “warrior”, “protector” or even “army”.

The sense, therefore, refers to “noble warrior”, and “protective genius”. Extremely strong and classy name for a little baby!

There are still other theories behind this cute boy’s name. see: Alvaro

  1. Gregory

It is the English variant of the name Gregorios, coming from the word Gregoréo, meaning “to watch”. Therefore, it has the meaning of “vigilant man”, and “always awake”.

He is also a popular Catholic character, responsible for introducing the “Gregorian chant” in religious celebrations. Gregory is a very resounding and refined name.

More here: Gregory

  1. Joseph

This name has a beautiful, special meaning. As a variant of Joseph, Joseph arises from the Greek Ioseph, from the Hebrew Yosef, which means “He will add”, referring to God.

Meaning refers to divine gifts, the one that multiplies. Touching to say the least, even for non-religious people!

See: joseph

  1. Julius Caesar

There is no way to pronounce this name without recalling one of the greatest military commanders in history, the Roman Emperor.

This boy’s name is not only chic but also very strong. It originates from the combination of Julius, from the Latin Julius, meaning “one who is young” and Caesar, possibly from caesars, meaning “hairy” or “full of hair”.

There’s a lot of history behind this name! Find out more: Julius Caesar

  1. Levi

How could such a simple boy’s name be so elegant?

This beautiful name of Hebrew origin originates from the word village, which means “he will come together”.

It refers to the idea of something that is united or linked to something or someone. Symbolic for childbirth isn’t it?

For more info on this name: Levi

  1. Olav

This is a chic boy name that reflects the virtues of those who came before.

Coming from the Germanic name Olafr, an adaptation of the Old Norse name Aleifr, it is a combination of the elements ano, meaning “ancestor, ancestor”, and life, meaning “inheritance, legacy”.

Quite popular in Nordic countries, such as Norway, it becomes in Brazil a different male name for your puppy.

See: Olav

  1. Romeo

Yup! Shakespeare’s most famous character has a chic and beautiful name!

Romeu comes from the Italian and literally means “pilgrim”, or “the one who pilgrims”.

It turns out to be a romantic name because of the culture. The “o” variable, Romeo, also sounds classy.

More here: Romeo

  1. Thomas

It could also be Thomas if you prefer. The origin and significance are the same.

The name has its origins in the Aramaic ta’oma’, which literally means “twin”. He is also a saint of the Catholic church, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus, who doubted his resurrection, giving rise to the expression “seeing is believing”. Isn’t it interesting?

Do you want to know more? Here: Thomas

  1. Angelo

A resounding, delicate, divine name that has two beautiful meanings.

Angelo may have come from the Greek Ággelos, which means “messenger” or from the Latin Angelus, which means “angel”.

And who disagrees that a baby is really an angel, a message of love and hope?

See: Angelo

  1. Theodore

In Brazil, this name is most popular without the h, just Teodoro. But in either version, this is a pretty sophisticated name.

Theodoro comes from the Greek Theódoros, which unites the terms théos “god” and dôron “gift, gift”, giving rise to this beautiful meaning: gift from God.

Want a more perfect name than that?

Learn more about this name: Theodoro

  1. Ignatius

This is a name with quite a literal meaning. Ignatius is derived from the Greek Ignatios, which corresponds to the Latin Gnatus and means “son”.

The name may also be associated with the Latin term ignis, which means “fire”, and comes from Ignatius, which means “burning, that which is like fire”.

A name with a beautiful sound and power!

See: Ignatius

  1. Joshua

The English version of the name Josué can be an excellent choice for anyone looking for a sophisticated name with an impactful meaning.

The name comes from the Hebrew Yehoshua, which means “God is salvation”. According to the Bible, Joshua was Moses’ successor, a man of great courage and dependence on God.

Learn more about this name: Joshua

  1. Valentine

In Brazil, the name Valentina is quite popular, but the male version of Valentim is not so much. Therefore, this can be a very original option!

Valentine means “valiant”, “strong”, “vigorous”, and “full of health”. The name comes from the Latin Valentinus, a diminutive of Valens, valentine, which means valiant.

The name is also associated with Valentine’s Day, a saint who is internationally linked to Valentine’s Day.

More here: Valentine

40 most chic and different names
40 most chic and different names

40 most chic and different names

  1. Lorenzo

Lorenzo is a name that exudes refinement, isn’t it?

This extremely sonorous name comes from the Latin Laurentius, which means “born in the city of Laurento”. Laurento is an Italian town, now called Paterno.

Even if your baby is not Italian in origin, this is too beautiful and authentic a name to pass up.

See: Lorenzo

  1. Henry

Short, cute, and elegant, that’s a name that couldn’t be left out of this list!

Henry, which would be the equivalent of Henry in Portuguese, means “the ruler of the house”. The name has roots in the Germanic Heimirich, which combines the terms heim, meaning “home” or “house”, and rich, meaning “ruler, prince”.

And, let’s face it, that’s exactly what a new baby is: the owner of the house! It’s not true?

Learn more about the name: Henry

  1. Louis

Luís is a well-used name in Brazil. But just making a small change in writing, we have Louis, a much more sophisticated and elegant version.

Louis is a French version of the Germanic name Ludwig, which in turn comes from the union of the elements hlot, hlut, which means “famous, illustrious, famous” and wig, which means “warrior”. From the combination of these terms, we have the meaning “glorious warrior” or “famous fighter”.

In France, King Louis XIV was known as “King Sun” or “Louis the Great”. A name that brings together power, glory, and nobility. Chicker, impossible!

Learn more here: Louis

  1. Brian

Another quite refined name is Brian. The name has Irish origin, arises from Gaelic, and is related to meanings such as “hill”, “mountain”, “noble”, “virtuous”, or “he who is strong”.

Celtic mythology tells the story of a man named Brian, very elegant and courageous, who helped to free the “daughter of the Sun”.

Learn more about the history of this name here: Brian

  1. Charles

It is impossible to speak of Charles and not remember the English prince. This name oozes elegance and can be an excellent option for your baby.

Charles comes from the Germanic Karal or kerl, meaning “man of the people”, and also “strong” and “robust”. The name, therefore, is related to vigor as well as simplicity, and the ability to relate to others.

See more information: Charles

We hope you enjoyed the options for chic names that we have separated for you! We think that you might also like:

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